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  1. Just signed up, how are we going to recieve notifications about the events?
  2. Have they cancelled the event? its 25, usually the tread is open by now if not running the event. please reply if you know something. Thanks
  3. I played the event with Heer29, nice hosting, it was very fun!!! and i got both items and i havent lost any yeiii!!!! Thanks to my team mates! would like to play again the next event hope it to be soon
  4. SO that means i can use a tsuda or draconis or any weapon that i collected from treasures boxes, after 50 upgrades even if i have a weapon that has 80 upgrades that i picked up from a treasure on insane+?
  5. oh i see, really sad story thanks anyway, hope next time is not just 80
  6. I replied to my time before the event was changed, now i do not appear on the list please place me for the same time 7 PM edt PSN ID: Vanhelsin507
  7. I havent recieved any invite though and its already the time i entered... And i have a friend who has not recieved the invite eigther, my psn id is vanhelsin507 and my friend so-sad-moreira
  8. Vanhelsin507 7 pm EDT- till the event ends request partner So_Sad_Moreira
  9. when will be the next xp event since i dont see one since last month. does anyone knows?
  10. The event was awsome once you got in, but i would like to know, what happened to the event on sunday, because i was with a friend in my house, The Member, and we waited the whole time we sent we could be playing to play the event, but we did not recieved the invite, however i recieved the invite the next day(monday) at 9 am or so but i couldnt play since i was with my 4 months baby, thanks to god the host wich was awsome, sent me another message at noon, and i could play and earn the event weapon, Thanks for the weapon and hope this doesnt happen for next events since my friend was not able to
  11. Very Good Event!!! Thanks for the XP hope to enjoy upcoming events as well
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