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  1. why is a new hero locked behind a paywall a bad thing? all new heroes for DD1 were locked behind a paywall (DLC) along with new maps as well. why do you deserve free content, even though im pretty sure it was mentioned that there will be a method for people to earn the heroes
  2. I think it will just be an extension of the original tavern and you can just walk outside, but I don't know for sure
  3. If you read the dev logs the last few have mentioned they are re-working on the out door tavern/social area again for the next patch. they first mentioned the outdoor social tavern during influence week, there is a vid and all on it If you want to check it out.
  4. There is also a second squash hidden down in the basement being just as creepy ;)
  5. Taken from [Steam] Ascension Part II (8.0) Notes and Discussion I just cannot find any cards. ^^ its funny I noticed this too and was super keen to see and collect the cards. I hope that I still get cards for purchases ive made so far.
  6. while its unfortunate that you lost the medailion you should also realise that the game is still in alpha and there is quite a lot of bugs. I suggest using a ticket and report it as a bug if you haven't already, who knows, trendy might be able to find what happened and return it but I wouldn't be too hopeful. EDIT: you should also try and post this in support instead of general discussion as it may have more chance of been seen by one of the trendy team
  7. oh well, doesn't matter! in the end we all got there and figured it out as a group :D well done to everyone in the community who attempted to figure it out!
  8. damn, I suggested this a few pages ago and someone said they tested it and nothing happened, glad you didn't see that post then otherwise it may have never been found!!! I wouldn't mind seeing it for myself but I don't have any people to play with and last time I tried to get 4 people to help me ingame they were not very cooperative. also to the person who wasn't very impressed and I think deleted their post, I (and a big chunk of the community) love these kind of secrets, its not about the end result its more about solving the problem that's the enjoyable part.
  9. can anyone join that group? or is it just you and your friends group? also damn, I thought it might have something to do with the temple because I found it odd that there is a ramp that allows you to go up there for no particular reason, oh well :(
  10. dunno but its driving me insane! yeah I don't think that's it tbh, probably something that was placed there during map development for testing?, or maybe it is it but still need to find a proper way of getting to it and/or activating it :(
  11. I noticed that he jumps on all four pillars of the temple/holy aura second objective, has anyone tired getting four people and having one on each pillar with the holy aura debuff?
  12. Apparently a hint was shown twice in the stream, once during the first run through of the second map and then again towards the end of the stream when he re-entered the map.
  13. I watched it too, I noticed that he jumped on all four pillars of the temple, what if you had 4 people with the holy debuff on those pillars?
  14. There is a bug where if you open a chest and there is build mana on the floor it gets deleted/disappears, maybe the other guy opened his chest while you were gone and erased the mana on the floor?
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