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  1. Hi i kinda hava a copy of the first game and i'm intrestis trading for a item on steam. Can i do this trade in the forum of dungeon defendrs?
  2. FN means factory knew but i think i should talk about this with a admin to know if i can do such a thing
  3. Hi i'm looking for someone that would like the game to play. I'm intresting on trading it for a weapon in CS:GO M4A1-S FN preference, send me your proposal and i will give you a feedback. Thx for reading. I hope that i can do this trade. Have a nice day
  4. I was changing my properties of the window to full screen, and then i was at the menu but the bottom of the application was hiden, an i cant press apply to change again the properties of the window. https://www.dropbox.com/s/f65yu6icd7p6f65/steam_printscr.zip?dl=0~ that's how my screen look like , help me plz, i will probably reinstal the game ...
  5. What time is the new patch avaiabel in 28 april?
  6. Hi I wanna create a group to play dungeon defendeds and get some achivements, lvl up chars and do some nightmare dungeons ... For more contacts plz add me in steam pestre1.
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