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  1. I have ult+ doublecap gladious
  2. The Arm Guard of Toxic Waste is legit. I handed out Event items to the people who made it to the final course of the tournament. Good luck djrandyran! Wow.. The legendary Dredd
  3. 4 cubes on a shield and a pegasus boots
  4. ^^ is brown and blu really? lol
  5. Hello Defender's, welcome to my auction (part1), I hope those armors find a new owner because with me are sad. only accepting cubes =) Ultimate Armor U1 UU2 SOLD UUU3 SOLD UUUU4 UUUUU5 SOLD UUUUUU6 SOLD UUUUUUU7 SUPREME ARMOR S1 SS2 SSS3 SOLD SSSS4 SSSSS5 C/O´S ULTIMATES U1 - UU2 - sold UUU3 - sold UUUU4 - 1 cube byyyy mrwald0 UUUUU5 - SOLD UUUUUU6 - SOLD UUUUUUU7 - SUPREMES S1 - 1 cube - MrMacGoo SS2 - 2 Coals - MrMacGoo SSS3 - SOLD SSSS4 - SSSSS5 - B/O's - FOR ALL ULTIMATES - Groovy Mask OR Care Bear Traceable FOR ALL SUPREMES - Lava Cuffs OR (Vile Lords Clutch + Blu) TRACEABLE ☺ * let me know if u have others events items * ☺
  6. betto9000

    WTS Lab Runs

    ye I want to beat that one without dying :/ is it good? ive seen other friends play it
  7. betto9000

    WTS Lab Runs

    still have 2 double caps for runs nice, i've seen u playing others games, like, u must win the game. xD
  8. betto9000

    WTS Lab Runs

    Runs given_ +- 800 o.O Armor ++ given? Yes, my buyers have got ult++ armor, ult+ and ults. and nice accs. I hate their luck xD Bump!
  9. I'll give u 5 cubes, or 50 lab runs =)
  10. that's my helmet!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. jojojo I have an ult++, 92x on TD, all sides, NO upgraded xD
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