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  1. Well, this is so ... I only bought a premium bag. I still have problems with mana chest bug! A lot of times. Edit. When I noticed I had 0 GEms, i restarted DD2, i have them again. Something like that shouldnt have bugs.
  2. Looking for: Capping Ults/Ult+ tower and or dps sets Supreme+ Crystal Blades minimum 330 ups A Ultimate ++ Tower Aqua Lance must cap and have 450+ sides Triple and Quad Capping Tower Myths Lab Runs (Maximum of 300 runs and a Minimum of 150) + any of the things above or below Diamonds that double cap with decent sides High end accessories Whatever awesome items you can offer that I will like mmm I have 3 boots myth tcap, 2 leather 1 mail, leathers: 1 without th, 1 without tspeed. mail, cap on speed, dmg, range, + like 200 on th.. And some armor. http://i.imgur.com/vCQpQZ6.jpg 
  3. Yes, I'm on DD2 forums and no on DDE, well, after play the same maps on DD2 I decided to play again DDE (I havent play since october). A friend told me about new maps, tavern etc, I updated the game, played the somemaps on NMHC, but, I can't play WW and other maps: "session no found". I looked at thhe DDE forums and it seems its a general problem, but, TRendy havent fix it in months! u.u Thats sad, i love DD and his creator no.
  4. True. Must be a bug, if no, they must change that or do something better.
  5. I use a hero with 3 items with 5x.xx % more gold from enemies killed by Defences (164.41% in total), I was using electric auras and i didnt get more gold. Always "1" from some enemies killed. Before the update, in Throne using Squire Towers, I got bags of "5 gold/coins" but here none... This because was using just electric auras or what? Bad luck in legend drops (almost always 130's) and few gold?
  6. how was the icon? like a book? (Entry icon)
  7. I'd like to replace/change my normal bags for premiums Bags. =)
  8. This is really weird, it happened me yesterday and today. Yesterday i was with a friend in a pub tavern, olny he and me, I was the "host", but i couldnt start the game (the play botton "start" in the map was dissable for me and for my friend), so someone or "something" else was the real host, and "IT" started the game: Forgotten Ruins... on normal!!! And today, actually like an hour ago, i was playing with 3 friends, we lost, we return to the taver, but 2 of them left, I arrive to the tavern with a friend, but I was alone in the tavern she didnt appear and she was the "host", then she left and the new "host" (not me, even i was alone in the tavern) started the same map.
  9. sometimes, when we start a game, 1 or 2 of us can't open the chest. OR, when we open the chest... the mana disappear.
  10. I move items from the temp bag to my others bags, when i open the forge again, the items are again in the temp bag!!!
  11. nice, i hope we can create more heros soon =)
  12. I have 5 heros lvl 25. I create a new hero and/or remove the higher levels from the deck. Join to campain game, then in the tavern add your hero lvl 25 to your deck.
  13. nice, but... all the challenges should give steam-achievements, and others 4 steam-achievements more for complete each hero challenges.
  14.  minutes later DD2 is crashing a lot =/
  15. some items dont have effects, legen? bad luck i got a totem myth lvl25, without effect, but all my legends have.
  16. This is a great idea but... Few days ago I played DD2 solo, alot, and i got some legendary items in the temp bag, but i had to go and i didn't have time to clean my item box. Yesterday i was able to play again but, all was auto-sold =/ That ..... I hope you do something about that, no always we can play dd2/ have time to clean the item box. Anyway, thx for the game! cya.
  17. I never do a geyser/aura setup in 25++. Flameburst Towers/Boost is the way I go, or Ballista/Boost. If I were to do the Geyser/Aura setup, I wouldn't upgrade them. You get a little extra damage and more charges, but with 4 geysers in one lightning aura, I see no point in upgrading. Yep, on 25++ atm are usless if u have nice stats. but it helps lvling heros just for xp, cya
  18. mmm my huntress dps/Geyser Trap, only have 1 hutress atm with a medallion with 280 tower healt and 85 hero dgm, that gives me around 60 charges, so Upgrades are Useless for me, but remember, i build them just to rep 'em because it gives us xp. if u can upgrade them nice, do it, for more exp. Once you are lvl 25, maybe u won't build traps, may be only boost auras and others towers.
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