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  1. mail 400 gloves + chain gloves ult+ 2diamonds+1cube
  2. hi Ult 1: 7 cubes Ult 2: 3 cubes Ult 3: 3 cubes Supr 1: 3 coals or 2 diamonds for the 4 armors betto9000
  3. depends, usually 3 days, may be more. the 1st time 3-4 weeks! and they told me "Hi -----, We apologize about the delay, your email was stuck in the spam folder for some reason." something like that happend me last friday, and now they restored my data mmmmm monday i think
  4. I lost my heroes 3 weeks ago!! I sent e-mails and nothing! If you won't help me... well, i want my $ back. I love DD. but now you have lost a player..
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