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  1. reroll daily once per day, or when u get a second daily avaible.
  2. The were a problem with the server, people had locked the monthly pet reward (we had the complete the campaing mode) and we werent able to play. i restarted the game, and only can play on "private", but.... I lost the progress of my monthly pet, now I have 0/80, 0/15, 0/75!! I had >50/80,15/15 and 28/75!
  3. same, for me, before the updates, i changed the drop mana botton, now its "m" again but doesnt work, only dropping all my mana works, "control+m"
  4. I bought and loved DD1 for its Co-op Localx4, its was sad that DDE dont have it niether split-screen u.u. Its really nice DD2 will have it! Keep doing our amazing job, will be able to trade soon?
  5. Everybody. Servers problem?
  6. If Im playing DD2 or DDE and I want watch netflix or youtube.. I can't, something about audio problem on netflix and youtube player crash, even on Firefox and Chrome, if i close them, i dont have problem. Thats weird, on my PC i wasnt able to watch netflix+ dd, but on my lap top i was. someone has the same problem? This doesnt happens 100% i play DD games, but like >90% it does.
  7. Yes, i got that bug again, i started a public game and when we finished the map and back to the tavern... the egg come back =D, but no always happens that
  8. This game depends alot on our upload speed, I use bittorrent, while I'm seeding, something my upload speed is like 10kb/s but something it goes to 0, (I didnt lose internet conection niether steam conection, i can use internet, etc) but when it happens, boom, "host left", but this message... i never seen it.
  9. There's a bug here, i lost 4 or 5 pets from hatchery! They dissapear! According to the hachery boy, I dont have Gato eggs. but i have 2 in my inventory!
  10. so, u can't confirm the purchase. is the game full screen or Windowed? what's ur resolution?
  11. Always the pet is in wrong prosition when I use the Forge.
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