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  1. This actually made the game almost unplayable for DPS EV2. I now shoot backwards more than forwards... How did this get past QA?
  2. I know in the last update, you were supposed to make this better, but you made it terribly worse. I can now target towers/walls and my shots go upwards or backwards (feels the worst on the EV2). Please fix, I have to set up in ridiculously open places now just to shoot straight...
  3. Thanks for the replies everybody. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if they'll put trading in the game. At least Overwatch is about to come out so I can have something to do while I wait. Unfortunately there isn't enough motivation for me to play this game without trading and end game item farming. I loved farming blaster rifles or propeller cats in the old game, and the challenge of beating some of the hardest maps like the turkey map or Christmas map. Good memories, but I guess I'll have to just go back to DD1 to relive them. Thanks again for helping me catch up on the motivation be
  4. I know there must be a reason, but I think the main reason hardcore DD1 players loved the game was because they could grind end game gear to sell in their personal taverns. I feel like with the new economy system in place, this game would be perfect for trading (versus the old system where you traded for coal/ companion cubes). I haven't been following the development of this game a lot, so basically I'm asking to be caught up on the reasoning behind this decision. I've heard it was to make sure the game wasn't pay to win, which made no sense, so I thought I would ask here to see what the de
  5. I think if we could use multiple filters, it would be a much better feature (although it is already a huge improvement from before).
  6. Hey I was trying to see how much gold I was getting from the end game chest on the harbinger map (to see if it was worth opening when power leveling). I realized that I didn't get any gold at all when I opened it. I don't know if this is intended (no gold for chests on maps that you have already completed or something), but if not I felt like it was worth reporting.
  7. Hey I have a pet that has defense power 32 for both empowerment stats, but only one is counting. http://imgur.com/DAamviM 
  8. Same, I tried 5 times last night and eventually got in. I also verified the game cache in Steam which may or may not have helped.
  9. Will there be another wipe before release? I want to start some second/third/fourth characters but don't want to waste my time if there will be another wipe anytime soon. Have the devs said anything?
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