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  1. Yea but making EV directly improve the towers makes the EV required. That means they NEED to get rid of the player deck system ( Please get rid of that) to allow for more characters with time to build etc. Just seem wonky overall.
  2. I agree. I would like to see some squire love as well. At least you can play apprentice through NM but the squire has no tower love.
  3. I agree with squire towers. I want my machine gun harpoons from DD1!
  4. Are we going to get a balance update for Massacre towers? Right now i don't use anything but auras and traps with a spike blockade with dps toon. That is meta. I beat every mass map with no apprentice towers or squire towers. shoot you don't even use squire for anything other than spike and dragon. I would like the option to build those. I just don't see how you can do wave 20-25 on mass without tower support. The Nerf to towers makes them hard to use in mass. Idk maybe im just crying but i would like that to be considered along with maybe Godly and Ultimate gear to supplement. Thanks.
  5. I would like to see Lost Eternia Shards maps added as well.
  6. ngee1034

    Item Check Thread

    PLease IC and Thanks a million
  7. ngee1034

    Item Check Thread

    IC please and thank you :)
  8. ngee1034

    Item Check Thread

    can i get IC'd3 cap diamond. ups in health,dmg,and radius.
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