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  1. Overcharge: Increases damage and hero speed in addition to castrate, costs more mana Ouch sounds painful
  2. What's your Steam name, you don't hve any non alphanumerics in it?
  3. Indeed. It's the same as when the Soul Focuser was replaced out of the blue by the Demon Horn, now we have the Chimera. IMHO the Soul Focuser is still the coolest of the lot.
  4. Forget what i said saw the full log from your friend. Just going from left field but you don't have any virtual ethernet adapters installed?
  5. There was a transfer between what they labelled 'legacy' and what we have now. Probably what happene to you. There was a transfer tool, not sure if that can be done in the backend. Pop onto Discord, which is where Chromatic communicate, this forum is largely only for us old timers.
  6. Thanks I'll try these. It was the extra network adapters created by Virtual Box.
  7. Haven't played for ages so popped on to have a blast but I can't create a game in ranked, I mnged to join the single game that was there but they were level 3 and I was kinda looking for something a bit higher. Anyone got an idea what is going on?
  8. Comparing your log to mine, it looks like you're not connecing to PlayVerse, you haven't inadvertently blocked Dungeon Defenders 2 in the Windows Firewall? Also found someone talking about creating a new Steam account, this should allow you to run and complete the tutorial, then go back to your other account and this may clear the issue you are seeing.
  9. Check your log, should be somewhere like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\UDKGame\Logs
  10. Old post Vosh. There was a slight hiccup when Massacre came out where gear initially went down from NMHC Survival. That's long past. A similar thing happened with rift where the gear for rift was percieved to be worse ue to where it dropped. Once you get over the need to regear it's not such a biggie. The trouble with it is perception. This was not in any way mitigated by any sort of comms that I saw. It just landed here you go watch Jiucebags or Anthem to work out wtf is going on and deal with it, because it is what it is. Alot of people got salty.
  11. However the game is going we are coming into the season of goodwill to everyone so Have a heartwarming festive season to all, and all the best for 2021.
  12. Back in the mists of time when I first had a home computer, a ZX Spectrum. You had enough money to get one game and you played it relentlessly until you either got stuck or finished it. Move onto the Atari ST\Amiga where the advent of things like XCopy and others made pirating games very easy, and you had alot more choice of games to play, then you tended to flit from game to game only playing a game to completion very rarely. Now you have an almost infinite choice in comparison, also you have the ADHD of the youth of today (no offence, slackers) and you need to have something instan
  13. I was surprised a little when Chromatic went full on DD1 reboot on towers, when they really could have gone a little crazy given the data from DD2. IMO the weapon manufacturer was sadly underused even in DD2, it was just made into a glorified aoe defence where it could have been really funky for the WM to generate buffs that any player could pick up. Like a quad damage or super armour pickup, the strategy for boss fights would have been far more interesting. The node idea was far superior to DD1 and should have been employed in DDA too, but that horse is long since bolted. No-one use
  14. So you look at the archived discusion forum with nearly 9000 posts, and now the release discussion board with less than 3k. Maybe Chromatic need to wonder what may have killed the hype?
  15. It's a PITA to have to try and find info about what drops where, could a quick fix be implemented so if you mouse over a map on the campaign or survival it shows the rewards. Campaign W5 - Gives X Survival W15 - Gives X, Pet X W25 - Gives X, Pet X Add Weapon X where appropriate. Would help the frustration, maybe
  16. So what went wrong? Is it the feeling you had to take a step backward to then step forward? Is it that you must go here to get this armour? The feeling that things are gated? The nerf to squire block? DD2 has had an uptick in players, could that be the holiday incentives? Where are the holiday incentives, or in fact any incentives in DDA. How hard would it have been to have a double exp, double gold or whatever incentive when DDA 1.2 dropped. Not sure about others but this 'rfit' update came out of the blue, did it get run by anyone before it was set in stone. Pesonall
  17. Hi Philip, yes I got a fusion weapon or two and some fuson armour but not the must have primitive set for DSTs. It's the having to take two or more steps back to then move forward again. That and the siren issue for me, which you know about, has made it hard to get motivated.
  18. One thing annoyed me is that you're basically saying that godly armour set you farmed and farmed for is now useless, because no matter what power you have it won't target rifted enemies. Seeing as any progress is gated by rift mode you saying you wasted all those billions of gold and time. Not feeling the love for older players here, the ones that backed teh game. It's almost like a reset
  19. Hi Philip, The sirens used to show their affinity and health really clearly but now, for me anyway, it is impossible to see. I've just watched Anthem's old Massacre HC deeper well video and his latest and you can see it's really obvious pre 1.2 and invisible post 1.2. Effectively for me this is a game breaker. I know I'm colour blind and a minority of the playerbase but when a game that was accessible becomes inaccessible it kinda kills it for me.
  20. I can't see the resistances for the Sirens anymore. It used to be really easy to see now it is virtually impossible for me to see it. Not a fan of the changes and the forced target farming
  21. When you look at the farmability of DD2 and DDA it is easy to see which one can potentially give you more replayability curently. Maybe Chromatic should look at potentially socketing armour and introducing gems that can drop, be combined which give extra buffs to the base stats. Similar to Diablo 3. I'm not sure just new content will be enough, you look at the games being run and it is mostly Summit, Alch labs and Royal Gardens wave 23 start. Maybe some nightmare survival to get the achievement but that's a one and done. None of the challenges drop anything worth farming, they u
  22. Has there been any screenshots or dev stream on how the trading will work. I know there are current DDA in game trillionaires. Is there going to be some sort of methodology to help prevent hyperinflation, taking all the traded gear out of reach of newer\casual players?
  23. As of 04/11/2020 at 08:00 GMT DD2 290 DD1 165 DDA 110 Went on yesterday and there was only 1 game in the browser with one player doing insane survival solo. I'm not sure how much the 1.2 udate will resurrect the numbers.
  24. What time of day do you play? Are people who join you in your geographic locality? The player base is quite small currently. I have played with peole recently where the lag was unreal (excuse the pun)
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