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  1. I did like the DD1 gear over the DD2 gear but it looks like we are more going down the DD2 gear route as far as I can see so far. So everything is trash except legendaries, which IMO is a shame. In DD1 as most of you know you needed lvl 60 to use your Godly stuff, then 74 for Myths, 78 for Transcendent then supreme and Ultimate, + and ++ I'd have preferred that feeling of achievement to effectively unlock great gear, instead of the linear grind. Correct me if I am wrong of course.
  2. Back when DD1 came to my attention I played solo on hard to the 'final' boss the ancient dragon. With a choice of difficulties from day one are you going for playthroughs or just going to grind map x until you can start the playthrough on Nightmare. Is nightmare going to be an unlockable diff, have we got hardcore too?
  3. Fozzie

    Release date?

    Long time ago I think I played through DD1 on hard solo first time around up to the Ancient Dragon Boss. Wonder how the progression will work in DDA
  4. Once you get to nightmare difficulty its pretty much a moot point and host kick is the likely requirement but its for when people start out and don't want people skewing their experience. I still do the early grind of DD1 every so often and really don't like god likes dropping in not reading or deliberately ignoring the game name and just trolling. Sre I can kick them but the onus shouldn't be on me if the game had upper and lower limits for game joining. Forgot IPWR as I gave up playing DD2 a long time ago.
  5. I sincerely hope that the session host can limit who joins the session based on min and also max level. I know from experience that I like to play with equally kitted out\ levelled people and don't want some God level person ruin the game by either building or DPSing. I also want the choice to allow lower levels or not. So please allow both upper and lower caps on joining. Thanks
  6. Configurable start points in survival, if you've beaten wave 20, you can start on wave 20 with the appropriate mana to build the defences. Level limits to your games both upper and lower, so you want to do the game legit and you don't want some lvl 100 to dive in and try to build for you. I know you can give your game a title, they don't seem to read. All the heroes from DD1, even maybe the Summoner, who did kind of skew the game in DD1. Shard maps and the resulting CD Akatiti Jungle and the obsidian weapons Challenge maps, and the cube Boss Rush Not too fussed if Moonbase and Tinkerers lab were left out, not really my favourites.
  7. OK hope you have enough feedback.
  8. So I guess most of the people on here have done the current maps to death already. So will a new map be dropping soon with new pet. On the pet front will we be seeing the hero guardian pets, and the ever useful genie pet?
  9. They may regret it when auras get huge and damage numbers obscure the whole play area. Large auras used to kill Tinkerers Lab runs as it caused so much lag as to be mostly unplayable.
  10. There should be no restriction to when you can join a survival game IMO.
  11. I hope we will see the Summoner again with Phase Shift Overlord mode. That was soo satisfying to play. With the new engine fixing the GFX stutters DD1 has I think the game could be pretty much perfect, as long as no-one tries to get 'creative' with it.
  12. As mentioned above Corrupt and Divine armour sets destroyed it. It wasn't all bad, some of the new maps were a lot of fun, the DD1 community team incorporated one of them I think. Dash\dodge good idea Time limit on survival, helpe casual gamers Boosters worked well
  13. Still play DD1 with the grand kids on PS3, they still love it, imagine that when there are so many games out there. It did it so well. The grind early doors was easy enough to get to insane, but the real hardcore, long term gamers needed to get to NMHC. This required armour sets, split builders and DPS heroes, fast builders as you only had a certain amount of time to build. I did like the quick swap of heroes in DD2 but everything felt like n00b mode. Most of the grind was for bragging rights as it was possible to do most content with Supreme sets, but hey you always wanted that ultimate or + or even the amazing ++. That is where the excellent trading came in.
  14. Don't change one thing from DD1, just upgrade the graphics and ensure no hacking. Don't do anything stupid like DDE where ridiculous over powered ideas destroyed the balance. Talk with the community devs that took on DD1 after it was left to rot, they did a lot of good stuff. Fix the terrible lag on high end Nightmare maps when using large lightning auras. The game was pretty much perfect until all the hacks destroyed it. DDE was ruinded by the devs DD2 just had no proper direction, swing from this to that to this agin and then the awful ascension idea. DD1 did survival correctly don't for god sake fork that up, although DDE putting a time limit on it worked well, perhaps you could have as switch, between original and time limited best of both worlds. For good ness sake play DD1 yourselves from 0 to 100, from easy to NMHCMM and see what it was all about.
  15. Gear reset has always been the main flaw. Which someone who I can't name never listened to. Resets got harder not easier so fewer people will even do it. Plain motes anyone, duh. Arrogance from someone who can't be named just puts people off, even die hard fans.
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