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  1. I hope we will see the Summoner again with Phase Shift Overlord mode. That was soo satisfying to play. With the new engine fixing the GFX stutters DD1 has I think the game could be pretty much perfect, as long as no-one tries to get 'creative' with it.
  2. As mentioned above Corrupt and Divine armour sets destroyed it. It wasn't all bad, some of the new maps were a lot of fun, the DD1 community team incorporated one of them I think. Dash\dodge good idea Time limit on survival, helpe casual gamers Boosters worked well
  3. Still play DD1 with the grand kids on PS3, they still love it, imagine that when there are so many games out there. It did it so well. The grind early doors was easy enough to get to insane, but the real hardcore, long term gamers needed to get to NMHC. This required armour sets, split builders and DPS heroes, fast builders as you only had a certain amount of time to build. I did like the quick swap of heroes in DD2 but everything felt like n00b mode. Most of the grind was for bragging rights as it was possible to do most content with Supreme sets, but hey you always wanted that ultimate or + or even the amazing ++. That is where the excellent trading came in.
  4. Don't change one thing from DD1, just upgrade the graphics and ensure no hacking. Don't do anything stupid like DDE where ridiculous over powered ideas destroyed the balance. Talk with the community devs that took on DD1 after it was left to rot, they did a lot of good stuff. Fix the terrible lag on high end Nightmare maps when using large lightning auras. The game was pretty much perfect until all the hacks destroyed it. DDE was ruinded by the devs DD2 just had no proper direction, swing from this to that to this agin and then the awful ascension idea. DD1 did survival correctly don't for god sake fork that up, although DDE putting a time limit on it worked well, perhaps you could have as switch, between original and time limited best of both worlds. For good ness sake play DD1 yourselves from 0 to 100, from easy to NMHCMM and see what it was all about.
  5. Gear reset has always been the main flaw. Which someone who I can't name never listened to. Resets got harder not easier so fewer people will even do it. Plain motes anyone, duh. Arrogance from someone who can't be named just puts people off, even die hard fans.
  6. Didn’t notice their TE tags to make their responses official. As your not doing it that makes the decision very simple. Shame put over 3000 hours into this game.
  7. Nope Your start and end floor is on some sort of sliding scale now. Not sure what the calculation is.
  8. Yes with 314 you top out most heroes at ascension 942, some heroes will have overspill way before that.
  9. How about not using colours at all, for all Trendy's colour blind players.
  10. No feedback to hit box is by far the worst omission. Red hats\black hats is a killer for me being colour blind, but I am used to this being completely ignored.
  11. Watch Juicebags tower and play spotlight videos they are very helpful. Don't dump all your old gear, some may be very valuable\useful. You can still specialise, as until you have loads of ascension you can place the majority of points into a specific tower, so multiple heroes of the same class is still a thing. Onslaught is by far the hardest mode so did into it as you go through the Chaos tiers, you may get a defender pack which can have some nice costumes or even pets.
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