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  1. When you look at the farmability of DD2 and DDA it is easy to see which one can potentially give you more replayability curently. Maybe Chromatic should look at potentially socketing armour and introducing gems that can drop, be combined which give extra buffs to the base stats. Similar to Diablo 3. I'm not sure just new content will be enough, you look at the games being run and it is mostly Summit, Alch labs and Royal Gardens wave 23 start. Maybe some nightmare survival to get the achievement but that's a one and done. None of the challenges drop anything worth farming, they used to drop the ogre party hat, childhood toy, blasticus, things that initially were good to farm.
  2. Has there been any screenshots or dev stream on how the trading will work. I know there are current DDA in game trillionaires. Is there going to be some sort of methodology to help prevent hyperinflation, taking all the traded gear out of reach of newer\casual players?
  3. As of 04/11/2020 at 08:00 GMT DD2 290 DD1 165 DDA 110 Went on yesterday and there was only 1 game in the browser with one player doing insane survival solo. I'm not sure how much the 1.2 udate will resurrect the numbers.
  4. What time of day do you play? Are people who join you in your geographic locality? The player base is quite small currently. I have played with peole recently where the lag was unreal (excuse the pun)
  5. Sadly the game killed itself as far as progression by the hero deck allowing all heores in deck to get xp. It was the right thing to do but it did significantly speed up that progression to 100, where it took a long time in DD1. There is very little RPG progression as most stats are really killed as far as points spent and actual reward. So you have basically only one main stat for builders or dps, non of the others really mean you drop points away from either power, fortify or attack., unless you have specialist monk boosters. With Rift enemies announced that kind of makes EV DPS less viable. Only one viable weapon per class is limiting. Assault was lacklustre due to no Blasticus A PvP deathmatch and assault map or maps would have been good to have, with the winners getting better end game chests than the defeated. I'm waiting to relive my favourite memories on Sky City, Moraggo, AQUANOS!!!!!!!!! etc.
  6. Put thousands of hours into the DD games. I liked them all in their own ways, I do like DDA just wish they would thorw out a map every so often to keep us going. Fix a few RNG issues, have a reason to do the challenges more than once. Went online this AM 9 games across all difficulties, that's not healthy. used to be pages of them.
  7. Hope its all sorted I believe we just played a map together, think it was someone else's lobby. There aren't that many players so i doubt DDA is a target for many hackers.
  8. The way I did it was to run Magus Quarters Pure Strategy. You can od this with very modest stats its a very quick build as as its pure strat its very low on interaction. I used tit to level to 80. Likely the responses above are more efficient but just throwing that option in there. It is something everyone can do for themselves with any carries on wave 23 starts.
  9. Just throwing it out there, seeing as CG listened, or had it in mind anyway, and the Buff Beam became the Overclock beam. Maybe the Summoner won't come in wiht potentially game breaking SU\MU. So if the Summoner arrives and if it shares DU perhaps the DU could get increased and a cap on number of any specific tower could be introduced, to avoid DST or minon spamming. So instead of DU being the only limiting factor a hero only has a maximum of x units of y towers per map.
  10. I know I play quite a few Friends only games, i.e. for me that's private. Just because I like to do stuff solo and get the build I want to use down pat before building publics. I do play publics when i just want to play and not build.
  11. Quite right forgot about them.
  12. Probably way down the roadmap for the next hero addition but I know that the Summoner is the one I want to see next. The big question that got partially answered by the neutering of the buff beam to the overclock beam, is that CG aren't following the DD1 path with heroes so are SUs separate or not. I liked DD1 in that you could build and a Summoner joins and you could say knock yourself out as they aren't using any of the DU. This did mean on endgame material you likely had to use all the DU and SU. I feel CG are a bit stingy with DU currently so a slight increase in DU and maybe have minions cost less. In DD1 no one used anything but the archers and the mages, they may have messed around with the orc, dark elf warrior and ogre but realistically the Summoner only had 2 units in the meta. Perhaps a shake up, maybe the Summoner could use 5 SU\DU for an anti siren minion, possibly even a flying minion like a crystaline wyvern
  13. With the hero deck the level grind is way easier than it was in DD1, which is great. When I was levelling I used Magus Quarters Pure Strategy as it was by far the easiest on stats to complete high waves. Promenade NMHC Survival and then Glitterhelm NMHC Survival came next for me until I had everyone past 90, then TBH there is no difference between 90 and 100. Hopefully a new layer of lvl 100 requirement gear will be introduced as per DD1. TLDR: Much prefer DDA with hero deck than DD1 with controllers or emulators and lots of runs of Tavern Defence Pure Strategy
  14. The issue would be mitigated if sirens took 10% damage from towers. It's illogical they don't take any damage from towers, but do from heroes. CG architected themselves into a corner. Hopefully there will be a change like the Siege Roller used to destroy ground based towers in DD2, then it didn't. If the siren is kept as is, I don't see the playerbase increasing. Sure you can steamroll all content once you have got divine stats but you also want to cater from the increasing casual type player that exists on Steam XBox et al that largely won't commit dayas and days to grind, they want a quicker dopamine fix. I was playing Glitterhelm MSHC for the first time and stopped at wave 13 because I was bored, not because the defence was hugely under stress. Surely that's not right
  15. So we got our EV and this switched things up and run a few massacre survivals and now have a set of lvl 100 heroes. Whilst you could go on grinding just sitting on a tower stack either boosting towers, boosting heroes or dpsing is kind of tedious. IMO the RNG is too high and the drops on wave 25 and the end game chest can many times be a massive disappointment. This was fixed in DD2 with guaranteed x number of legendaries from a multiplayer chest. I know everyone is running wave 23 starts now so it's not a huge amount of time but it's still demotivating to get crap from the final wave. So I'll take a break until the next major update. GL grinding for those that don't mind the monotony
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