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  1. Am I missing something as auto loot has never worked for me. I select what I want to collect and accept but it studiously ignores what I select it to collect. Any help would be gratefully received.
  2. As someone who is colour blind, I hope CG do something to help me see stuff.
  3. Story wise didn't the spiders show up on Mistymire, sharken on Aquanos and copters on Sky City. It would be monumentally cool if the shard maps dropped too, with the Djinn from Moraggo
  4. Love these little buggers, along with the Djinn and goblin copters. We'll see if it changes up the meta. Currently I'm really hoping that when nightmare does drop it doesn't mean the following: Unlock NM maps in one quick run Grind mines for rocks for your builders Grind labs for better cats Grind summit as it will likely give best EXP Grind Promenade for gear
  5. The Change button is now swap but I can't swap from the 4 heroes I had when I loaded up to any of the ones I didn't have in my deck. I created a new squire who instantly took slot 4 but then I couldn't swap him out either. OK Swap button bottom right doesn't work but right click swap does.
  6. When bosses hit, you'll have all the grindathons to get boss specific items. When NM hits you'll grind the extra few points. When HC hits you'll grind again. When the eternia shard missions hit... When Akatiti etc etc. Crystal dimension Lots more to get our teeth into even before the drop of new heroes, EV, Summoner I think DD1 at the start dropped with up to Godly, then we had mythical, Transcendent, supreme and the Ultimate levels. Lots more to come if they are prepared to follow the DD1 mythos
  7. Hopefully our pain may save someone else. That would be a silver lining on the cloud.
  8. OK I thought I'd clear out any remaining epic gear and just leave me with my legendaries after a particularly lucrative run on Promenade. So I filter only epics and select sell all. Take the filter off and oh dear. Seems sell all doesn't work with the filter, nice. I think I'll wait for NM to drop that's killed my enthusiasm.
  9. Summoner would be cool and EV. Better display of tower upgrade level would be handy. Need our boss fights, challenges and I did enjoy pure strategy too., but that's a way to go for those.
  10. Looks really odd there mate, as you can move in the tavern amd then not in the map, I wondered if you could access the options menu when you get to the map check the key bindings, set to default and apply then go back to game see if that works?
  11. For an old timer like me I love that the feel of almost a new DD1 is here, but with improvements, looking forward to all the new DD1esque content.
  12. Imagine how casual or newer players are going to feel reading this post, feel happy you took advantage of the good times with these pets in their original OP configuration.
  13. If you alt tab does it show the DD process running still?
  14. Check the visual C++ libraries that deployed when you installed DDA, you may need to reinstall C++ 2015 I think.
  15. It was like that for DD1, and once you had the power to start on high waves, normally with the help of a jester with a genie you could farm cats, sea horses whatever you liked.
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