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  1. The old type of builds in DD1 NMHC had a meta, but as the Op says it would be great to have some variety with the original 4. Currently the feeling of massacre just seems wrong. Squire harps and bowling balls really need some love. Even if the Ev comes with the buff beam, buffed crap is still crap.
  2. Some say huntress with genie is better than with the cat.
  3. It saddens me to see glitches like in Glitterhelm that allow people to afk farm what is supposedly the hardest content. I was dismayed to see that copter ogres didn't attack the crystal. They fixed gas traps and darkness but left other bugs in.
  4. My tank squire has 600 HP in massacre with 30% on each armour piece and is pretty much immortal unless you jump, it seems damage whilst you are in the air is amplified.
  5. Yep join the club, the trophies are Steam account based the game browser is game based. So it's as you say a bug in the transfer, but they did rush the transfer tool out after making a very poor decision intially of Play and Legacy (i.e. a wipe) I did a play through wth my squire just to avoid DST monotony.
  6. Alchemical labs Massacre, you can fight the boss as any hero class just ensure you open the chest with the hero you want to get the weapon for.
  7. The logs are in your profile\appdata\local\DDS directory i think.
  8. For those, like myself, who didn't do the tutorial and wonder how to access it. Select Campaign and select Easy difficulty and select Deeper Well. Go through the steps and get the achievement.
  9. Odd. I place spawn killing explosives and a wall at each spawn wave 1 and then place DSTs as per Juicebag's survival build after that, not had that problem.
  10. I've been in game with people with both guns, the Soul Focuser sounds and looks much cooler. The fact is you dont make fundamental changes to loot in what is supposed to be a released game. If there was an issue with the Soul Focuser they should have changed it for all.
  11. Player 1: Wow that gun is awesome where di you get it Player 2: I got it here, the map we just beat. Player1: Oh cool shall we try again to get it Player2: No, there's no point CG took it out of the game. Player1: Wow that sucks Player2: Yeah sucks to be any new player they'll never get it. Moral of the story don't create have's and have nots, it divides the community and makes some people feel shafted.
  12. It's a real PITA this issue. Can we have an update Philip?
  13. Did you move your local save file when you did you transfer? DDA_Player_<lotsofnumbers>_SECURE.esv it's in your profile C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\DDS\Saved\SaveGames
  14. Hey SlipperyDippery which GFX card are you using, do you use any tuner apps for the card? Does DX Diag show anything awry?
  15. A very questionable decision as it splits the haves and have nots. Those that could farm it before it was removed and those that can never farm it to the same quality.
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