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  1. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/130899/ascension-is-back-up-skeleton-costume-handling
  2. Confirmation from a dev team member would be great here.
  3. It's a known bug. One work around is to start up a match and let the crystal get destroyed, then go back to (group) tavern and you should have all your unlocked maps again.
  4. If you read the description of the upgrade, it's only some additional skins and gems that you get. The base game is the same for collectors and standard.
  5. There are unlimited rounds in Onslaught (all difficulties and maps). How long can you last?
  6. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/129826/ps4-roadmap-updated-11316
  8. Thanks for the update guys! The hype for the next content update is real! Woo hoo! :D P.S Are any of you able to provide any information on playing with other regions on the PS4 in the future?
  9. The goal is to have the PS4 and PC basically mirroring each other and ideally new content will be created for both at the same time. But first PS4 needs to catch up to PC, which is what they are trying to do now. That means any updates/changes seen on PC will eventually make it to PS4 as well including tower sizes, IPWR adjustments etc.
  10. The monthly and daily missions are currently bugged or not showing for players. Some days I get a daily but lately it's been very rare. The dev team are aware of the monthly not showing; according to the newest dev stream https://dungeondefenders.com/2/blog/130460/devstream-49-first-devstream-of-the-new-year the monthly should be available once the next update/patch is out.
  11. Have you all watched the latest dev stream? They address a lot of the issues mentioned in this topic: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/blog/130460/devstream-49-first-devstream-of-the-new-year
  12. Are you sure about that? Because that would defeat the purpose of having a deck in the first place if you can switch to any hero you have from the forge.
  13. I tried this with another friend and it didn't work (got the usual cross region error). Can a dev/support team member update us on this issue and when or if it will be allowed?
  14. Je suis un anglophone, mais ai utilisé Google Translator pour répondre à votre question. Actuellement, il n'y a aucun élément qui donnent la vitesse de la défense, mais il ya des domaines de compétences que vous pouvez acheter dans la boutique de la sphère de compétence qui sera légèrement augmenter votre vitesse de défense.
  15. Another way to match make. Send invites to players in social tavern and see if anyone wants to group up. If you have a mic, use to it help you organise a group in the social tavern.
  16. Quick Play random map should match make you with anyone who's playing any map of the same difficulty and game mode that you have selected. Currently I like to check Free Play Normal and Hard random map and see if I get any hits as this is where I feel the majority of the player base is playing. If you're not finding anyone, then that means no one in your region is playing on the difficulty and game mode that you have selected. Speaking of region, I can say the Asia region is very quiet besides during night time where there are a handful. However, it seems to have been fairly quiet since the n
  17. <snip> 2 going back each side lane to catch the drakkins/harpooners. Haha, I thought I was the only one who called them 'harpooners'. :D
  18. You have, and your name is familiar too. Feel free to add me - PSN is same as my username here.
  19. Which regions are you people from? I don't think there's a way we can group if we're from different regions (yet). I'm in Asia Pacific, PSN is Riviet
  20. Same for me. Is it saying "complete the campaign to unlock monthly missions" for you?
  21. Main boss in Ramparts Incursion. He's basically a high hp boss version of a dark mage. He can also spawn as a normal boss in other game modes too.
  22. Go in to your temporary bag, select an item and press X to move to your inventory or press square to sell it.
  23. Thanks for posting the image by the way. After looking at the text, I now agree it's very weak. I thought it would be X% of defense power or something like almost all other effects that use a percentage of something. I'll probably not bother trying to farm for one now.
  24. Wait a minute!! You get good loot? When did that start dropping? Everything I get is what I absolutely don't need lol. Haha, I meant to say the higher rarity loot (all blues or better). Most of it isn't good though.
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