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  1. Ya it's the same concept as a gold cap. An utterly terrible idea no one would ever want.
  2. Typhoon. Trump or Hillary?
  3. They should just make each piece of gear have passives only for a specific tower if they're going to keep passives... Say helmet is always different passives for the first tower on a character chest plate is for the second tower, and so on. You get passives for every tower, keeping them all pretty much even, other than what they get from relics and weapons. It means no one can build everything for one tower and build only that, and also you'd have to farm less since helmets and such would be pulling passives from a limited passive pool.
  4. So basically what you're saying is he can do the same thing but not get a reward? Damn sounds great!
  5. You get a first win of the day bonus for each different map you win, up to five times a day!
  6. Your daily quests carry over to the next day, allowing you to have as many as three at once.
  7. Don't direct people to onslaught, it's *** and trendy doesn't care to fix it.
  8. Jesus no! Why would anyone want to watch grinding!?
  9. Will you pleases stop focusing on gimmicks like the carnival and spectral knight, and instead fix the core gameplay?
  10. Getting the golden gem on the harbingers ship allows you and nearby allies to deal more damage to him.
  11. "The monthly pets are some of the strongest pets in the game, make sure to get them while they're here!"
  12. Well I said people would get sick of it... But that was fast. Actually it's not a new idea though, it's similar to war of the djinn, the single worst DD1 map ever created... And you have to wonder, if we're going to add more mechanics from DD1, why not ANYTHING ELSE!!! Literally any other challenge would be better...
  13. No. We have the majority of DD1 players who are quitting, and the majority of new players who quit almost immediately... You just don't see the massive amount of new players who don't stick because they don't care about this game and never talk about it.
  14. Well both would make me ill... Honestly I might choose getting punched in the stomach... Donuts taste better though... Trump or Kassich?
  15. Why would you expect the damage to scale with damage? This isn't DD1...
  16. Trump. If Cruz had been elected he probably would have started a Cruzade to force Christianity on kids in schools (the way countries with freedom of religion should work!) and generally try and drive all non Christians out of the country, because they're evil soulless liberals... or something... Also are you being sarcastic about Trump? It's hard to tell because that ridiculous stuff you just said actually sounds like a real Trump supporter... Anyway... Hillary or Bernie?
  17. Calm down. Just some brainstorming (spitballing) going on here. You're mistaking disbelief with anger... I am calm. I just can't understand how you think forcing yourself through mind numbing crap is a good challenge... If you wanted something actually challenging it would need to require some actual skill, or something outside of wasting 100s of hours to do... For instance, beat the harbinger using only the abyss lord for your whole team, or beat 5 distinct incursions on nm4, that would actually have people play more than ramparts and spectral.
  18. I'm sorry what? So your idea of challenge is that it should drag on with *** monthlies for 100s of hours, and the challenge is not putting your fist through your monitor while bored out of your skull? Sounds great for a "good game..."
  19. Republican, unless you mean current tea party republicans... Or whatever the *** Trump is... Besides the republican nominee... Trump or Bernie Sanders?
  20. Is the monk getting a combat rework this year? Do you really intend to release this clearly far from finished game this year?
  21. Which is a big problem, especially with a game that aims to keep players for hundreds of hours. Just think about this, you're a new player, you do it on medium for the first time, okay, not bad, got a cool sword... Then you go to hard... insane... nm1-4... 7 difficulties, you could be bored with it well before nm4...
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