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  1. Kind of annoying, I have a lot of items in my temp box for alts I want to save before I go to sleep. Looks like I've wasted a couple of hours tonight...
  2. Just wondered is anyone else currently experiencing difficulty logging into the game, I've been trying for about an hour with no success. Just stuck on the black screen with loading icon.
  3. Everythings pretty much messed up at the minute, The only way you can play is solo or with friends.
  4. The things I don't enjoy at the moment are The fact that the only way to progress is by playing solo or leaching Only certain Classes/strategies are viable in higher difficulties Item power The grind it is to actually level characters, the game doesn't begin until level cap really and with no boosts or exp sheres still bugged. I don't want to grind for weeks for another alt so that I'm able to progress.
  5. Shame I haven't had any of this success you speak of... I'm still stuck at 181 item power. I have no friends that are at the same level that I can play with, Every map I join is completely empty and I get no replies in the tavern.
  6. Funny. We did a NM4 Onslaught all the way up to wave 13 until we got disconnected and we only had 1 squire the entire time. Wow. Guess other classes aren't useless???? This makes no sense!!!!!!!!!! how are you stuck on 180ilvl if your are doing NM4? If you going to lie, atleast cover your tracks. check the names, Different guy...
  7. Ability power all the way for huntress. Oil+piercing shot is amazing damage. Bows are basically useless in my opinion, they seem slow and single target.
  8. I've been trying for around an hour or so now to play some Hard end game tonight, Every single game is empty -.-
  9. Yeah, that's my issue. Because of many things including there being no real reason to play public and the difficulty / strategy of maps in the games current state requiring certain classes and match ups.
  10. I understand what you're saying and partly agree with it. I know this is not the case with everybody but it still exists, when item level requirements are in place to sort of "gear check" people to decide if they are strong enough for a map, there will always be people who see that a certain item has more item power and equip regardless of stats. An example of this I was trying to play a map with my huntress, I'd set my traps up and waited on some others to join. A level 36 Squire joined said he was tower damage/health so he took the magic lanes built some walls and cannons, We failed the first wave.... afterwards I had a look at his defences, His cannons were doing 600 dps and his walls just had over 11k hp. I have a level 28 squire with better stats then this, I think my squires cannons do around 900 dps and walls around 13k but he doesn't meet the requirements to enter these maps... Not saying this is all people or even A lot but it's some and that's my problem with item level requirements, people will ignore their stats, bonus' etc just to increase their Item power and join the harder maps.
  11. More concerned that most people are opting to play in private instead past Freeplay hard. Yeah, I understand why some people would rather play private but at the same time its ruining the multiplayer aspect of the game. There needs to be some sort of incentive to play public.
  12. you have to i level is fu Yup, Item level/power w/e has ruined almost every game that uses it for me. There comes a point where it is the be all and end all.
  13. Currently I am stuck around 180 item power on my level 50 huntress, I've been stuck there for a while now to be honest and I'm finding it near impossible to progress. I am trying to play end game hard mode but there seems to be no public games for these maps what so ever. I've managed to get into a couple of games for the first couple of maps but I currently outgear these maps so I'm basically doing these for pet items. I was just wondering if anyone else was struggling to progress? Seems everyone is either playing in private groups or playing Solo at higher maps.
  14. Right, I'll wait for the eggs. Asking around the social tavern everyone else also seems to be having issues with dailies too.
  15. I have no idea tbh but from what i've seen so far not much of what is supposed to work now after the hotfix still is not working.
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