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  1. I'm looking to pick up a Glacier's Demise, and offering an NPC for it.

    All recent pricechecks I've seen have consistently set NPC at least 20 CV above Glacier's, so something to partially cover the difference would be appreciated.

    EDIT: Trade complete.

  2. @Black Mamba quote:

    FYI -- Last one was traded for a value of 150cv in my Pristine++ Armor Auction(few months back). The one before that was auctioned for 150cv as well.

    Just saying that the valuation of 60-90 is way off! :-)

    Duly noted. I was asking about it in the DD RnG group chat and was told that the most recent sale was for 65 CV.
    Didn't ask for a source, so I dunno if it was true or not, but it jibed with the numbers I'd seen elsewhere.

    Last price check I saw was for 60-70 like three months ago, but nobody provided citations. https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/141922/?scrollTo=1256157

    150 seemed like a significant outlier, so I didn't include it in the range. Didn't know it was the most recent sale.

  3. @Plane quote:

    Eagleislove, Spader, and I did a minionless Fenix run, waves 33 & 34 today.

    We got our fenixes, so I made everyone switch to summoner to see what would happen without Wheel o' Fortuna.  (We died :D)

    I haven't done this build enough times to recommend it as a build, but it seemed really easy while we were doing it.  No minions to worry about repairing, and we finished upgrading really quickly and just sat around.  The main problem with this build so far is that harbingers come a bit close to the center sometimes, but Eagle brought a fairy, so we were okay.

    What kind of stats do you think you'd need for something like this? I'm guessing it was fairly close with 7k+ stats.

  4. @UncrownedData quote:

    Can you even hit 1k stats without godly?  You would at least need a 1k dps for even the original campaign bosses, I would assume?  If you clear it with sub-godly, that is incredibly impressive

    I have a number of level 30s with 1k+ tower stats. Turtles on a Treadmill only require level 30 to equip while being superior to Giraffes, and Cursed armor can have the same stats as Godly, albeit harder to farm.

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