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  1. Not all abilities stack with boosts. Tons of things don't stack with other things. Heck, Monk boosts break if other people are using the same boosts!

    As for the two bomb spells, they could use less ridiculous scaling at low levels. It's gamebreaking against ogres and bosses early-game, and underwhelming at late-game.

    I think the best solution is to further specialize the two bombs. Since purity bomb is the "hit everything for a little" bomb and mana bomb is the " hit a few for a lot", I'd like to see cooldown modifiers -- a purity bomb that recharges faster the more enemies you hit, and a mana bomb that recharges faster the fewer enemies you hit, both up to a limit.

  2. What I would like to see is a magic blockade that doesn't get shredded by ranged stuff elementally attuned to be ignored by your strongest towers, and that don't take damage merely from removing elements from stuff.

    Aside from that, I feel like the current health is enough for them to be usable. The healing from elemental thing just seems like a simple way to achieve both those goals at once while letting them fill a niche that currently is not occupied by any other wall.

  3. Initiate specifically is a lot more defense-oriented than Monk. Enemy drain effectively "boosts" all heroes -- and defenses -- against nearby enemies, and remote tower boost can potentially boost every tower on the map at once.

    I think she'd require a massive ability rework to be viable as a straight DPS, especially compared against Monk.

  4. There is a difference between recovering health and self-healing without any outside influence. Minions are not popular because they can recover health, but because they can do it reliably. If they required very specific scenarios to recover health, then they'd be a lot more niche choices for walls.

    I'm pretty confident that this wouldn't unbalance them since the only enemies that consistently deal elemental damage pose other problems besides their straight damage.

  5. Toomuchsugar

    As someone who uses a Bloodshot Staff as one of my primary DPS weapons, believe me when I say it really hurts when an ogre is immune to the bulk of your DPS.

    What's more, enemies that roll elemental do generic plus ADDITIONAL elemental damage, rather than their damage being changed to elemental only. If the blockade was only immune to elemental damage and did not debuff, that would certainly not qualify as a buff since the current one does not continue to receive elemental damage from most enemies by virtue of removing it.

    Healing from elemental damage would mean that enemies who rolled as elemental would do no damage (elemental healing negates the generic damage). It could remove elements from a potentially unlimited number of enemies (if they were dealt with promptly once debuffed), but generic enemies could wreck it as usual.

  6. I think solo apprentice would be gimped a fair bit if he had no way to remove elements. I'd even be fine with a DU cost increase if letting it regenerate health from 100% elemental damage is considered too strong a buff (which would also fix the "jester present defenses never cost more DU than the real deal" exception it is now).

    The main point of my suggestion was that it could potentially strip an unlimited number of enemies of their elements and provide a little more protection in a few specific situations (acid ball spam, kobolds, etc) without really being any more durable if unsupported.

  7. Honestly, I'd settle for letting us use the current version of remote tower boost during the build phase.

    The range boost is minor, but it would be very useful for hooking your auras onto a buffbeam that they otherwise couldn't reach, either because it is too far or because it is blocked by other auras. Right now you'd have to buffbeam it onto the buffbeam, or take your builder into the combat phase.

  8. You could never buff other towers enough to make them viable in comparison to LTs as-is. They basically hit everything on the entire map once they're triggered. It doesn't even need line-of-sight to chain onto stuff once it's started. The only question is whether your stats are high enough to push over every map.

    If you can consistently hit and kill everything on the entire map with LTs, no tower would ever come close regardless of how overbuffed they are. Why use a fireball tower that kills anything in front of it if your lightning towers can do the same, but in every direction and without line of sight?

    Before the LT buff we had the same thing with auras dominating every build for the same reason -- if you can plug every possible route to the crystals with one omnidirectional defense, then all that's left is to block ogres until they're dealt with.

    The fact that auras remain in almost every Nightmare build despite the gigantic range penalty is a testament to the overwhelming power of reliable omnidirectional defenses.

  9. I do not recommend just making magic blockade tanky. They'll never be an effective alternative to any other wall by increasing their health -- at best, they would just be a replacement. They need some sort of gimmick to make them a viable alternative, and I still think healing instead of hurting from elemental damage would be the way to go -- keep their health low, but make them essentially take no damage from enemies that deal 50/50 generic/elemental damage (generally only the first hit due to their elemental removal), be healed by 100% elemental damage (mages, spiders, kobolds, ogre projectiles, etc), and get their asses kicked in as usual by vanilla generic enemies with no element.

    SnD needs better health scaling, but the damage is fine. I heartily approve of Plane's suction proposal as outlined in another thread.

    I think JitB could use better health scaling, but it would benefit more from better range than from higher knockback.

    I'm a little surprised that the spike blockade doesn't already reflect melee damage.

    I do not think that Sharken's push should be removed, but I do think it should not be able to push blockades. I would have it target minions and towers, but be able to be bodyblocked with blockades.

  10. Sounds like a worthy change. I would really miss having players ride atop super fast warriors, but it's a price I'm willing to play for not having them get stuck on minions.

    The health depletion thing is weird. So tower health would do nothing except make them tankier against incidental damage? I'd rather it work more like aura or trap durability.

  11. If this happens, it should take a long time to get. When I see a bunny squire I recognize it as a mark of veterancy, and I'd like to maintain that.

    I strongly recommend not adding eggs, since those are already a rare thing and bringing them back would sort of ruin that. Maybe rig existing eggs so they don't consume themselves to unlock the costume and tie it to something else.

    It'd be pretty cool to tie it to a Steam achievement for something like large volumes of playtime. Maybe over 1k hours or something crazy like that.

  12. I'd say that this would be pretty cool.

    My personal recommendation would be for it to be fueled by a new item, probably a map reward. Have this item spawn with the usual size/color RNG, and let you dump it into a forge with an accessory/pet/weapon of your choice to take on its properties.

    That way the whole shebang is still governed by RNG, but you also know what you'd be getting before you use it AND it would encourage people to trade around to get what they want.

  13. As long as my magic blockades can be less than utterly useless against elemental archers, I'm good with them. After a bit of thinking, it seems like the best solution would be to have it heal instead of losing health when struck by elemental damage (to offset generic damage inflicted by hits that debuff), so its debuffing ability isn't completely defeated by its low health. 

    The SnD suction change is glorious. Please, I need this in my life. What kind of ranged cap can we expect on the suction?

  14. I would personally say that blockades should be immune to shoving (preferably able to actually stop the charge rather than just not be a target), and I wouldn't be opposed to letting Sharken target minions in exchange.

    Turning the shove into burst damage makes the Sharken a much less interesting enemy than it is now, which is saying something.

  15. I'm also curious if you have any plans to rework Lightning Stance, and maybe the Shock Beam. Right now they're both in a situation where the only things that are liable to survive are immune to the stun.

    Plane quote:

    No one should ever play this map because it permanently unlocks useless items in the item pool which are always worth 1776 mana, so the main effect of clearing the map is that your average mana from clearing a wave goes down, and your chance of getting a nice core drop like an ult++ lupine goes down slightly.  It only takes 10 minutes or so to get both pets from the map, but you're better off trading for them.

    Why not change the item so the mana value fluctuates normally, but it always spawns with some other stat (like elemental damage) at 1776?

  16. It'd be nice if players could set it so only armor drops appear in the list.

    Also, would it be possible to let us individually select item qualities? I collect Cursed stuff but have no interest in anything between that and Transcendent, so the current thing where the minimap dots have a cutoff and never display anything below that is a bit inconvenient.

    Still would be a massive improvement even if implemented as-is.

  17. I'd like to see the HUD toggle either assigned to a less accident-prone key or made to display a message saying how to turn the HUD back on. New players regularly toggle it off and then can't figure out how they did it without spamming keys or restarting the game, since it also hides the chat.

    Sky O' Love is the only map I will never play on Hardcore because I'm terrified that disgustingly long pairing session will end with me falling into some pit that looks exactly like every other piece of solid ground on the entire map. It's basically a Kaizo trap. Please either make them more clear or remove them altogether. I guarantee you that invisible pits are not positively contributing to the map in any way.

    The Presidential Royale PvP map must be played a minimum of four times if you want to unlock all the costumes, and it is exceedingly unpleasant. The instant-kill fire walls get more frags in a match than most players. The rest of his hits killing instantly is a tolerable method of preventing players from spawncamping, but at least make it possible to survive the fire.

    It'd be nice if the bosses on Lab didn't get stuck on random walls anytime you don't stand in that one corner. Any player making any attempt to beat it without standing in that one spot and cheesing them off the edge are complicated by the EVs getting stuck god-knows where, to the point where players are effectively penalized for leaving spawn to try to fight them. They already take long enough to kill when you can find them.

  18. If I got that as a drop, I'd throw it on a tower EV in a heartbeat, especially with that tHP. I use a genie on mine because EV's tower stats scale poorly enough that I don't nickel-and-dime the stats on it, and saves time / mana to build with it during the first wave. A good deathray for taking out stray ogres at the end of the first wave would be handy, and even if you spent every upgrade on tower stats it'd still make for a halfway decent beam.

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