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  1. I blame Plane for making so much stuff that we'll never see in the actual game for like another two years. I need that patch. Look at what you've done. I'm dying from anticipation. You're killing me, Plane. You are killing me.
  2. The value of cubes is from their one-per-high-level-account situation, not their usefulness. A farmable superior cube should not impact the value of cubes at all, considering that some people literally won't accept cubes that have been upgraded to a usable level.
  3. Every time you log in to Ranked, there's a message saying that they ban for cheating. Every single time. Did you think they were joking? Why would you be surprised when it happened? And you didn't even pretend that you plan to stop breaking the rules if your ban was repealed. Nice.
  4. pls don't, it devalues all the time I spent dropping items as far as possible from my forge!!! /s For real, though, this is amazing. +1
  5. How good a random pet are we talking? If it doesn't roll at least a little better than the various campaign survivals where they are normally found, then there's not really any reason to have it there at all besides just for flavor, since the only difference would be that you couldn't farm a specific kind. I do still support the idea if other people want it, for aforementioned flavoring reasons... especially if it can roll up stuff you can't normally farm on Nightmare, like Guardians.
  6. People are already unwilling to run Silent Night because it takes a lot of time and effort. Overall it's easier and requires lower stats than WW AFAIK, but it's just so fiddly that most people would rather do WW.
  7. I noticed this and it irritated me to no end. Fix pls kthx
  8. Would be a nice feature, but off-color moons would be weird.
  9. I kind of like that you can have friends in now without it making the map dramatically more difficult. Additionally, more mobs would not improve loot quality on most maps. There are already proposals to fix the slow mob spawn rate on many maps. AFAIK, there's already a fix for it in the next build. Mix Mode mechanics could be readily explained in a guide or something. There are a very large number of mechanics not explained in-game right now, and as much as I'd like to have a tutorial or something that better prepares players, I'm not sure it's that important.
  10. Is it possible to fix the crazy slow upgrading on pets that have had mana invested via XP gain?
  11. I'd imagine the largest reason not to do it is simply that there isn't an existing animation for it. If you really want this to happen, I'm fairly sure the best way to do it would be to contribute the animation yourself with the DDDK.
  12. +1. Can we also have space or enter OK on other message windows?
  13. The GW costume for Apprentice is also one of my personal favorites. Being unable to get it because it permanently lowers mana from survivals is crazy talk.
  14. It'd make higher attack rate chickens a rarer item, so I hardly think that people who currently have 6 would have their feelings hurt by it. Can they naturally generate with 6 rate as-is?
  15. Can we get some sort of fix for mega-chickens attacking at the same speed for 4 rate as 5 and 6 rate? I've heard several different approaches for fixing it, but my personal recommendation would be to make chickens softcap at 4 rate, so as not to ruin existing chickens for those who already compensate for the bug, and prevent further players from wasting upgrades on a stat that does not improve. EDIT: Plane corrections.
  16. If there is no reward for 30, I'd say put it there. Might as well have SOME reason to go there.
  17. Jester's Wheel O' Fortuna cast animation has them do a little dance until you finish.
  18. As I understand it, this bug did not exist before the CDT released the LT rebalance. Saying we cannot know or judge the intentions of Trendy in regard to this bug is a pretty weak argument if this bug did not exist in any version of the game that they released. If the CDT introduced this bug, I see absolutely no reason why they shouldn't be allowed to fix it. The genie bug was also pretty clearly an oversight rather than an intentional effect, but it is so heavily relied upon by the community that patching it out at this point would make the game much harder and generally less fun, mostly because there are no other alternatives for rapidly upgrading defenses. I dare say lightning towers are not the only option for clearing maps.
  19. Minions just seem like a heavier counter to these things because of their heavy damage bonus in NM, and sharken don't recognize them as pushable defenses. Apparently only minions, gas traps, players can flinch sharken and djinn without just killing them outright. As for magic towers, DSTs already prioritize targetting djinn over most other enemies. All towers will target copters if there isn't already a flare. Fun fact: ltightning towers deal a special type of lightning damage in order to make that effect work. The threat of most shard enemies is that half-assing your coverage causes flankers (spiders), fliers (djinn), or mainline enemies (sharken) to disrupt your defenses (or destroy them, in the case of copters and their ogres). EDIT: Plane facts.
  20. Honestly, I don't like how mana bomb either vaporizes everything instantly or it is useless. If the difficulty ramps up enough that the bomb can't kill them in one hit, then it is effectively useless as-is. I think the cooldown is much to blame for this all-or-nothing issue.
  21. I would approve of elemental immunity if generic+elemental enemies could be included until their element is removed.
  22. At this point this question isn't how to nerf them, the question is what change the community will tolerate now that they're relied upon for almost every build.
  23. I just don't like that LTs basically turned into mega electric auras -- massively higher damage and range (without the NM range penalty), and for all intents and purposes it consistently hits everything within its comically massive max range once it sees a single target. The closest thing it has to a drawback compared to electrics is that it can be attacked, but even that can easily be a bonus considering it doesn't wear down over time and the aggro can be used to better control ogres.
  24. That sounds like they'd become ungodly tanky beasts after 20-30 waves on survival.
  25. Not all abilities stack with boosts. Tons of things don't stack with other things. Heck, Monk boosts break if other people are using the same boosts! As for the two bomb spells, they could use less ridiculous scaling at low levels. It's gamebreaking against ogres and bosses early-game, and underwhelming at late-game. I think the best solution is to further specialize the two bombs. Since purity bomb is the "hit everything for a little" bomb and mana bomb is the " hit a few for a lot", I'd like to see cooldown modifiers -- a purity bomb that recharges faster the more enemies you hit, and a mana bomb that recharges faster the fewer enemies you hit, both up to a limit.
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