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  1. Cursed stuff is the coolest. I love that it's possible to build an impossibly strong low-level hero using Cursed gear. Right now I've been farming for a Ember Scepter with high ab2 for my level 20 Adept to replace the mediocre one I have now.


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  2. Can we get a dedicated sound when Harbingers are going Emperor Palpatine on you?

    Because you can usually brush off repeated hits, oftentimes you end up with no useful indication that you're in grave peril until you're already losing massive chunks of health.

    The sound of taking lightning damage is currently the only way to tell besides the visual effect (which is almost always obscured by all sorts of other stuff), and I don't really like backing away in terror when I get hit by any random lightning enemy. I'm getting traumatized to the point that I have the same reaction on maps with no Harbingers.

  3. You're getting off-topic. bLACK mAGICK is the name of a black and yellow event propeller cat with +6 heroes boosted. If you have additional questions, message me instead of cluttering the thread.

  4. Other people have asked for resets before, and the general response has been to family-share it. That said, those were people wanting to reset so they could start from scratch rather than because of whatever weird issue you've been having.

  5. I spent 10 minutes looking for that lobby and I don't see it. I can't run on battery + hotspot for very long, and I won't be able to get online normally until like Monday.

    EDIT: I've gotten on every hour or so and checked all the public games and shops for about 10 minutes at a time, still haven't seen it. At this rate I'll run out of charge on everything.

  6. I am in favor of buffing accessories to make the various options more consistent. Being forced to farm and use very specific cosmetics just to have decent stats on them is a lot less fun.

    Is it possible to add sounds instead of/in addition to particles as a set effect? Because I would adore a pirate set where there are random pirate sounds every few seconds around anyone who equips it (preferably with the option to toggle it off with the "hide accessories" option so people can stop it if it gets ridiculous). AHOY! YARR! AVAST, YE LANDLUBBERS! YO-HO!

    As for CD, I assume it is not possible to keep the weapons as one-per-account and make the accessories one-per-hero. If we're buffing things on CD, the staff could desperately use some attention.

    A sufficently dorky argument could be made in favor of angel wings for the Annatar set (what with Sauron being the Middle-Earth equivalent of a fallen angel), but it still feels strange and out-of-place for the aesthetic.

    +1 on more acc rewards for GTH2. It's a pretty scary map, deserves rewards on-par with ToL

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