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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197982358102
  2. Cursed stuff is the coolest. I love that it's possible to build an impossibly strong low-level hero using Cursed gear. Right now I've been farming for a Ember Scepter with high ab2 for my level 20 Adept to replace the mediocre one I have now. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197982358102
  3. You have to play the Resurgence maps in order to unlock the rest of them.
  4. I can consistently get Coastal Bazaar to softlock when the south core goes down. I also couldn't proceed to the tavern after completing Coastal Bazaar. Steam Community profile
  5. My Steam Community page. #1: Greater Magicite of Wind #2: Something Blue #3: Mana Master
  6. STEAM_0:0:11046187 Flames of Rebirth Emerald City Emerald City has a bunch of chests that are really oddly placed. I didn't run it on Insane/NM, but I can't help but imagine it'd be really annoying if you didn't have a summoner, especially solo.
  7. It's probably too late, but I'd like to state for the record that it'd be amazing if we could be allowed to ready for the next level even if the game hasn't finished receiving end-of-level stats.
  8. IIRC, obsidian weapons have a hidden 1.7x damage multiplier, but do not get the usual Ultimate bonus on base damage upgrades.
  9. Thanks, HeatonL! Also, I nominate HeatonL. Also also, does the 4 entry limit thing only apply to the bonuses, or is that an overall thing (e.g.: additional nominations have a cap)?
  10. Be aware that it is a joke weapon, and the DPS is very mediocre. It has good hero health if you wanted an HP statstick for some reason, but otherwise it's more fun than effective.
  11. Can we get a dedicated sound when Harbingers are going Emperor Palpatine on you? Because you can usually brush off repeated hits, oftentimes you end up with no useful indication that you're in grave peril until you're already losing massive chunks of health. The sound of taking lightning damage is currently the only way to tell besides the visual effect (which is almost always obscured by all sorts of other stuff), and I don't really like backing away in terror when I get hit by any random lightning enemy. I'm getting traumatized to the point that I have the same reaction on maps with no Harbi
  12. It also has fire rate capped at like 4 or something, whereas the Depth Charge reward goes up to 8. While fun, it has far more in common with a grenade launcher than the Stone's Throw Spear. The bowling ball gun from the Rumble In The Jungle challenge is much more like the Ball Blaster than this is.
  13. Zurkov

    WTB Event Items

    You're getting off-topic. bLACK mAGICK is the name of a black and yellow event propeller cat with +6 heroes boosted. If you have additional questions, message me instead of cluttering the thread.
  14. I'll be honest, I prefer renaming event items to something clearly better. It makes yours feel special. I only have a couple of them that I haven't renamed. :x
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