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  1. In addition to this I am having a similar issue, sometimes upon initially going into a map and it also takes place if I end a session prior to end game.
  2. Someone I know completed the monthly and they did not get a reward. It states claimed however nothing in inventory. How does this get applied?
  3. Psn Th3-Tray-Kill3r Just seen this request, will send you an invite tomorrow. Any particular time that would be good for you? Just let us know thanks!
  4. Hey, I am looking for amour 100+ Plate...or Is your psn the same as your forum name, please let me know so they can send you an invite, thanks!
  5. I know all 10 pages I gave you guys was all farmed by me hope it helps out Team TUF thanks you for your support, it is awesome to see the community give so much to help out there fellow players. I am shocked at the levels on all of the stuff donated and it is going to make someone very happy to receive. Unfortunately there is way to many items to list. But there are items with 100+ upgrades that were donated and range from 74 and up, and we also have not much, but some items for lower levels. Also looks as we are going to have enough items for each person to receive a pet, a weapon, and poss
  6. TEAM TUF (To Unite Friends) would like to be able to give back to the community and has decided to hold an item giveaway. The giveaway will be held on October 24th and 25th, from 6pm to 12pm EST. Items have been donated by various community members in order to help others. There is an array of pets, weapons, and armors to choose from (to many to list). We have had great people donate great items. Any community member is welcome to sign up via this thread, please list your psn and a good time to invite you on Thursday or Friday. If the available time does not work within your schedule p
  7. *UPDATE* On Thursday October 24th, Team TUF has scheduled to hold the item giveaway to take place. Between the hours of 6pm to 12pm EST. If for any reason you are not able to meet at this time, please msg one of the members in original post and they can make further arrangements. If you are interested please leave your psn so that someone can get in touch with you on Thursday to meet up! We have an array of pets, weapons, and armors. We have had a lot of great people donate a lot of great items, everyone is welcome to attend. Looking fwd to seeing you there!
  8. Another superb item from trendy and the event team! Item is awesome, thank you!
  9. It is AWESOME! Thanks to the event team and trendy once again for a job well done!!!
  10. Wait a sec so u will farm something then swap it for a different item??? Sorry mm I'm confused. Sorry for the confusion, we will not be swapping any weapons for any items. Our goal is to give to the community. This team is to unite friends and one of us would be glad to help anyone farm for items. Also if you have any items you are looking for please let one us know and if we happen to farm that item we will let you know so that we can give that item to you. We can not promise anyone any item as we may not come across it, but will do our best to help in anyway that we can.
  11. next week will be good im cleaning all my lv 78 stuff and no probl allways glad to help We appreciate the support! Maybe they're is something we can help you out with as well, please let us know.
  12. Great event overall, it was fun and creative. I would like to thank our teams awesome host Omm for doing a wonderful job of hosting! I would like to thank my teammates for doing a fantastic job, and plus a win! Had a great time and I am looking forward to future events.
  13. Event and items were awesome, it was a challenging run, but very doable. Wanted to say thanks to my wonderful event host OMM and also to my great team members. Had a great time and looking forward to the next event!!!
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