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  1. Thanks for the replies, here's to hoping they make them better, or at least usable.
  2. I just finished the monthly, and got enough of those pirate tokens to get the uber for the cannon ball tower, so my first game i started using them, and saw that they did like 6k less dps than my rank 1 default cannons, while the heavy was rank 4. Is there some specific build for the heavy to not be garbage, or did i just waste 60 of those coins?
  3. Well that makes something worth going for then, unique passives that are like mini ubers. I might actually start doing that when I have the monthly done. I'll have nothing else to do at least.
  4. I like the female monk from dd1, her defense buff was REALLY good.
  5. Agreed, Summoner was DEF my favorite character. The ability to summon multiple defenses at once, and move them on a whim was just too great.
  6. I can do everything before end game solo. I have no legitimate reason to even care about end game, its just a harder free play that gives no rewards other than gear.
  7. Whats the point of being super powerful if there is nothing to do? Running the same missions on just a harder difficulty? Leveling a hero is one thing, but beyond that the only things worth doing are dailies and the monthly, which can both be done before end-game. I know its still alpha so this can't really be something I can complain about right now, but if there were more maps that you had to unlock by reaching a certain Ipwr level, that would make it worth it, but getting gear just for gears sake isn't really something I care about. Good thing I have 5 more heroes to level.
  8. Just now, when I said that. There is no reason to play the game once you get a 50. If you cant play end game with your friends that arent yet 50, and none of the gear i get is a boost and the higher ipwr levels are too hard, whats the point in even playing end game. Its better to just play a new hero and run the highest freeplay things to level yourself to 50.
  9. So playing end-game at all is worthless then?
  10. This will be a multi-part thread, starting with, Why is the endgame stuff so worthless? Im spec-ing a defense based knight, so I'm all about defense power and health. All the gear I am getting in endgame insane difficulty is garbage compared to what I have from freeplay hard mode. My alts and my friends are also not getting any EXP from anything end-game either. My Ipwr is like, 242, and the Ipwr 160 missions are the only thing I can do, and I cant get any gear that's better then what I currently have from those. If end game is just meant for getting gear, why can't I get anything good, and why do I not gain any EXP despite fighting lvl 75+ enemies?
  11. I certainly hope so, the game feels really small to me right now, granted that it is still in pretty early alpha.
  12. Banned for posting the same thing at the same time as me.
  13. If you could bring any character to dd2, who and why? What improvements would you make to their abilities and towers?
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