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  1. Do we get to keep everything? Do we get reset? Do we get a refund of our gems?
  2. Hi it's been a while since I've been on but I'd like to start hunting for legendaries. I tried looking up locations on an old forum post I made but it seems the new update changed some stuff. Also On the wiki link it seems to have duplicate weapons and some have "hero" others have "defense" by them.. what does that mean? Also some of the weapons I want seem to be on game modes I'm not strong enough for yet, where's the best place to grind for new gear to keep upping my ipwr?
  3. I love the new storm gear, the ones that make u float... Are there more items like that (that uniquely alter gameplay) in the game right now? If not, are there more like that planned in updates?
  4. Just getting back into this after being gone for several updates. I love he guaranteed specific legendary on specific maps thing... Helps me look for what I want. Are all legendaries that way? Can they still drop from bosses too? Has anyone started a list of the map u find each one on? Also does the harbinger still drop a legendary for the class ur using when u defeat him, like Betsy? Id love a more comprehensive understanding of the loot tables here.
  5. There's a new icon I don't recognize on the R1 menu bound to the x button... Releases a mischeivious laugh and some orange smoke? What's that?
  6. The only option to select the accessory is behind the "purchase" button.... Unless I'm doing it wrong?
  7. I went ahead and bought that one lol, but thanks anyway-- we can still roll sometime if u want- SierraAstaelion
  8. I believe there is a way to do this on the PC, but I can't seem to figure it out on the ps4... Is there a way I can preview what the mythic accessory upgrades will look like before I buy the costume? I cant' even find pictures or videos on youtube that will do this, so it's especially frustrated that I can't preview something I would have to pay for... If I'm gonna buy (which I'm very interested in doing) I want to know what I'm getting... Is there anyone who has the following costumes who could maybe post pictures of the mythic accessory upgrades so I can see if I would even want them?
  9. These are great suggestions. I hope they make the ps4 version a priority soon...
  10. Nobody? For real? This needs to be fixed... I won't be playing until it is.
  11. Whenever I invert the camera it turns itself off when I try to leave the menu. The camera still freezes and I have no control over it whenever I am striking an enemy... Both of these are Seriously annoying...
  12. Button scheme for managing towers (placing doesn't seem to allow rotation even though it says it can... Am I doing it wrong?) but also repairing/upgrading/recalling seems a bit redundant to have to re-arm the function by hitting R1+facebutton+aim+X every time... Are u considering a better butting scheme for these tower managements?
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