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  1. i don't want to argue with you but are you sure about that ? i've just tried it and the icons are still there even if the lavamancer is not in my deck.
  2. hi, i would like to know if there is a way to hide the fireball icon floating on top of the fissure ? if i put many fissures in the map it gets annoying to see all theses floating icon that never leaves the screen lol any advice would be apreciated. thanks
  3. hi, i wanted that spear deathwing for my monk its supposed to drop in prime incursion 2 i cleared the map aroun 15 times i didnt get any spear,in fact i didnt get any weapon that are shown in the map selection the wayfarer does not seems to sell it to me either 0/15 and even IF it drops it might not be good depends on numbers of projectiles etc am i wasting time ? are thoses weapons even in the game ?
  4. when i started farming mythical gear in the spire, thats my best memories https://steamcommunity.com/id/Matthieu26/
  5. 1- in the first day i got a pair of gloves with a bonus on it (observation- ennemies killed by towers gives 9% more xp) they were around level 3 so i ended up selling them but i never found another item with that stat was it removed from the game ? 2- i have a medaillon for my monk with a bonus on it, it is supposed to increase the defense bonus boost from the boost aura by 21% ,but i didnt notice any difference if i equip it or not anyone can explain me how does it works ? or maybe i read it bad 3- theres nothing i hate more than entering a map and seeing 45 cannonball towers surrounding
  6. Matthieu

    Item Check Thread

    hello,i dropped this myself in aka jungle,but people requires a item check anyway...can you check it out please ? :)
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