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  1. http://steamcommunity.com//id/zTral/ Here xD sorry :P
  2. Hey everyone! I made a TS3 server for DD2! The server ip is DungeonDefenders2.mooo.com I am currently the only one in here and would love company and advice on how to make the server better and more fun! We also have a streaming section where only streamers and guests are allowed! I also hope you all can join me as I stream for more fun on my channel. For any questions HMU on Team Speak or leave a comment here :D thanks!
  3. Looking to help peopleplayDD2! if anyone wants to join me my twitch is LookitszTral and my steam is zTral . -25 -25 -1 Working on my Huntress
  4. Looking for farm buddies! I can build most 25++ maps. My user is zTral -25 890/820 -25 900
  5. Transmogification! Will there be anything along the lines of "Transmogification" like in world of warcraft where if youlike the looksof one weapon and power of the other, will you be able to combine them for a great looking and great power weapon? I would love to have a squid as a staff and a squid shield! It would be a great implement for a money thing that could cost a lot of in gold and give's no real advantage to the user other than cosmetic. I would even be willing to irl money for something along these lines. maybe like 1$ for 5 transmogs of that texture and 5$ for permanent? ~call me Tral xD
  6. That is the point of a pre-alpha release though. The game is meant to be messed with and the game needs to be perfected! I know several people who have maxed every toon and would love a reset. The people who would rather not want a reset are typically the one's who won't leave feed back anyways and that is what is needed at this time! Pre-alpha is also just that, pre, not the full game and things need to be wiped for the full game to make sense. Sorry for any grammatical issues, I was rushing to write this.
  7. I had the same issue! Please implement a higher sensitivity!
  8. Lol myself and a friend were complaining about it xD sooo here we go :D
  9. is there a chance that in the full game there could be a thing where you pay real money to have a weapon texture that you can put on other weapons? I would be willing to pay like a dollar for something where you can use the transmog as many times as you want. I would be willing to. All it is, is a cosmetic thing that give's no one a competitive advantage :D
  10. Please please add a sell all option in the bags!
  11. I can't play the game with the range on these enemies! There right out of spawn and hitting my towers. Also one of the 10-15 levels, mobs are getting stuck and the ranged are hitting my towers from the spawn areas. And lastly, the Kobalts run Waayyyy fast. Other than that I love the game! <3 Steam User- YoimzTral Lvl 15
  12. Will there be tournaments in DD2 like there was in DD1 where we can get super exclusive items? If so I'm super pumped! I personally remember getting the sodas Addiction on DD1 on PS3 and like cried of happiness! It was 100% legit too cuz me and my friend both dropped them in out taverns and neither disappeared. Well if anyone wants to join me add YoimzTral on Steam! DD2 Lvl- 15
  13. Hey! I'm 16 and just bought pre-alpha and looking for a group! Please add me on skype if possible, Brandon.zTral. I am an experienced DD player sense it first dropped on PS3. I am super excited to play and would love a 4 man group to play with! My Steam user is YoimzTral (Made it 4 years ago xD). Thanks so much for reading over! zTral - Lvl. 9
  14. Hey guys I'm going to making a new youtube series for my channel! I need people to play with! Make sure to add my skype for more info! (LookitszTral) It will be for anyone who has skype and can talk through there mic! Thanks for reading!
  15. Hey guys my PSN: LookitszTral . I'm doing a Game play of this hoping to find a hole team! Please PM me about this asap! My Skype: LookitszTral as well
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