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  1. Has anyone else been having increasing issues on most maps with these lanes getting stuck due to what looks like too many of the big ogres spawning at once to where nothing can get past them? It's happened to me on multiple maps, nimbus being the most prominent in one of the top left spawners. I've tried building a little further back to see if that fixes said issue, but they still continue to get stuck. EDIT: It would seem it only happens when you get into the double digits of spawns. I have yet to see it occur with just 5-7 ogres coming out of the lane only when it gets to 12+. So while I'
  2. My question is how in the heck people are getting more than 8 bags... I have played since before you were able to buy the 32 slot bags and had max bags back then and only have 8 and can no longer purchase more.
  3. It wouldn't be such an issue if they didn't destroy the things that sold for good gold... i.e. shellium shards... going from 200k a stack to 24k is pretty rough........
  4. and here I was thinking my level 40 was high. You sir win the internet!
  5. Hello Defenders, We've come along ways in such short time since Loot & Survive hit, giving us an upgraded hero deck of 4, from 3. But, now... with builds and all the goodies that have been coming out... I feel as if 4 is no longer enough! I would like to see a push for a deck of 5 (1 of each builder) and to give room for a dps or another slot to level in (I like to level). Five slots would give us the ability to do so much more and give us that much more versatility! The reason for Five! 1) Gives us more heroes to play with in both solo and group settings 2) Allow for more build op
  6. That info from trendy is not in the game yet, and as far as I know, nobody has created a database. I could try and help with as much as you need those, but a lot of the stuff is situation based, i.e. building a wall squire, your ideal stats are, imo, Hero Hp (1) , Def Hp (2) then ofc, the must have passive of Hearty Blockade. Example one: You have a squire with 4k hero hp, 3.5k def hp. You currently have a totem that gives 1200 def hp and 400 hero hp and has 2% hearty blockade. You then find an item that gives 200 def hp and 20 hero hp, but has a hearty blockade of 10%. The 2nd item would be
  7. Well... to get to 810 in liferoot you need to get to wave 30 I think, or somewhere around there which is approx 3-4 hours in. So for being 1ish hour in, give or take the types of waves I think it's ok (not really, but yea). By the time you get to wave 13 in Nimbus, you've surpassed liferoot with only 1/4th the time investment
  8. Endgame scaling seems to be a bit off... when running reg onslaught hard for exp, you have a 50 pt item power gap, and cap out on that ipower by around level 16-17. The way N4 onslaught currently feels is once you hit wave 13 on nimbus, you around 810 iPwr, you then gain 1-2 ipwr per round, just doesn't feel right
  9. Thanks tris, just what I needed :)
  10. Can we please have some sort of eta when y'all will be taking an extended look at spawners? [[59260,users]] [[14,users]] [[4370,users]] Things like this: and make rounds take 10x longer than they should. It's not fun shooting at ogres with 600k hp, much less 3 million health and doing 2k-12 damage each time... Drakin are even worse but don't have any SS of them. Thank you
  11. So, a few friends and I have been doing ramparts lately for the unique bow and it seems that the -res gets reduced by a certain amount after you leave the game and return to tavern. Here is a picture of the item in the game: Here is a picture of the item once we go to tavern: As you can see, it isn't by much, 30, but it still goes down none the less. Thank you.
  12. I have had these issues since about Saturday. It is really bad on horde waves with 1100+ enemies and has caused us to lose a few matches, see the video posted by tristaris in this video : https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/123460/barricade-climbing-feature-or-bug Either way, the lag has been real in the last few days and borderline unplayable sometimes.
  13. Well... if they've been doing NM4 Liferoot incursion, I cant remember low number( ???-855), the only place they will get better or equal gear is NM4 Onslaught Nimbus Reach (790-855). The problem with NR is it is quite the difficult map to build. Liferoot has 3 ground lanes and 3 flying lanes, but the flyers are in the ground lanes. Nimbus Reach, has 6 ground lanes with 3 different flying lanes and 2 death cores (lose when they die). As far as I know, there haven't been many posts about that map, but we've gone up to almost wave nine, would've went further if ogres didn't like to play hopscotch
  14. It also doesn't help that on top of the walking over walls, with horde waves like the ones in the video above where there are 1300+ mobs, the rubber band gets quite real which actually I think lead to that first ogre hoping over the wall. Our 2nd squire had the one that walked towards the core taunted the whole time, yet due to the immense lag it did nothing until it was too late.
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