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  1. Once you hit a certain number in said passive e.g: 25% you will have to switch from defence hp to hero hp reason for that is it stack on to said health from the barricade and adds it to the hp of your walls. For anyone who wants to know the formula: X% of your Hero Health is added to the Spike Blockade's Health. (Information taken from: Passives Wiki Page) I could be wrong there might be something up with their formula. >_>
  2. Was the pet evolved or was it bought by gems?
  3. When ever i finished a map or either go to another lobby the map turns all black and I fall endlessly I'll post image once it happens once more.
  4. False. You can have a Squire with good blockades and good harpoons. I have one. It's the mixed build with Hearty Blockade and Sploody Harpoon. It is just hard to farm because in every gear slot (except weapon) you need a mythic or legendary with HB with DP and DH and have an accessory with Hearty Blockade and Speedy harpoon's passive with DH as main and DP as secondary stat. Weapon needs to be the sploody harpoon's one. To answer OP's question, the oil passive is pretty bad in NM3 and NM4. Having a 40% in damage is just too much. When your harpoon is doing like 15k tier 1, you lose 6k damage. The burn doesn't keep up with it. Also, most lane on which you can put harpoons are lanes with magical resistance which will make the flameburst useless in damage output. you mind posting you equips online or making a guild for a ballista squire cause im trying to make one :C
  5. I find the first 3-4 waves are much easier than the last few waves, so I use my builders in the first 3 waves so they get loot that way and then switch to my DPS for the last few waves. It has been working well for me but I am now entering NM3 and I can only manage the first 4 waves in NM3 with my DPS but my chars are all in NM2 gear now, so NM3 is the next progression. I only play Solo. Why not make friends.... :/
  6. what nightmare do you do for this? Dumb question I know, but I don't do this mode cause I see no use in it. :C
  7. Here would be an example for a huntress having a stylish quiver instead of the weapon she has on with a preset of arrow, why not custom arrows :P For mage he can have like a orb or some thing else along those lines~ For monk he can have like aura >.> or something with meditation.
  8. I feel like people can solo with frost/tower mage, waller, tower based squire cause all you need the mage is for phyical lanes. But this build seems to be a natural build for a dungeon defender game. Also what do you think about the ubers for mage and squire should they be both be used for nm4?
  9. This is why some people have two sets of hero's in their hero's list one for dps and one for tower. why make one squire when you can make two :O mind = blown :P. But really it's just a suggestion if you don't wanna bother with leveling in throne room I don't blame you.
  10. I quite fond of the whole secondary weapon idea for all classes it seems to be a little more extra for a squire to one up everyone with the shield making his walls the only thing that's giving their walls a extra 30-40k hp. But than again its more work to found an extra piece of armor for everyone. Good or bad, I find this as an interesting point for all characters for this game.
  11. I'm at the point where nm4 is normal for everyone who joins a match with me, but what most people seems to not understand is to make friends in public lobbies. There are threads I see that people complaining about the whole "leeching and dps players", is a problem. Why not just talk to people in public lobbies make a party then start the match with the people you partied up with? But if there was a post about this then gladly move on. Note: I join like about a week ago~
  12. *sigh* yet another feature that's was missing from DD1. Bump ;)
  13. .. I've said it before, and I'll say it for the rest of my life. I blame League of Legends. One of many reason why people quit is cause of the community not the game. I fully agree ^_^.
  14. I posted so many build online that it started to catch on, I use to join a lobby build then leave just to show other people they there isn't just one way to build the map. DD1 seems to have its own issues we get that I'm just saying sharing a new build with others would "break the meta".
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