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  1. Sooo sad. I can't believe ill never be able to play with my DD friends again..Well I guess its time to move on to the pc:(
  2. Gta boring man people have problems here
  3. I certainly miss they time when you had to get on the forum hourly just to keep up with it all. It was an amazing era. Its sad the trading form is dead:(
  4. My intent was to post pix for discussion, something fun to talk about about, like on the pc side. If guys are playing in the events with level 128 characters, what would the event coordinator do with pix? Ban hackers, don't ban hackers, trendy doesn't care, so neither do i anymore. ;)Bravo Bravo lol even with the few active threads I still get a good laugh sometimes even though some people would say I shouldn't be;)
  5. it would have more believable if you claimed santa came down the chimney and gave you one. haha good one!!! ;)
  6. So ytou have to have a 83 or higher squire???
  7. he was only stating a shai for 90 would only be considered if it had 220 ups or more he was asking for an 83 shai Yah I realize that but still...
  8. Eye can I have the 118^ mail gloves? Psn jjh0116
  9. You should have put this in the trase section and tito probably will
  10. Ohh and what are the stats on the shaitan
  11. I would love that shaitan for 74 I have z 112^ pristine chestplate....
  12. j have about 5 max out pristine chests already Oh.... well never mind then...
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