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  1. Regardless of how it might be implemented, a larger player base could only be beneficial (unless somehow every one of them were complete noobs). There was a definite lack of players at most times. I wasn't willing to wait 30 minutes to get one more player so I ended up checking in every now and then hoping there was a running group. I had decent luck with this though normally there would only be one or two games before somebody had to split and the whole group was ruined. Personally, if i got to invite a friend I wouldn't have to wait, I could play longer sessions and the likelihood of getting a full group would theoretically double. Then I could play one long continuous session rather than just checking in every now and then for games. This would lead to deeper feedback and more experience. I only got to play one class this past playtest and still wasn't able to join khadaj and mintlemonade in 22+ because I couldn't get enough games. An additional note on that, khadaj there may not have been many people that high because they spent their time testing all the classes, which would make it difficult to have a character high enough to play 22+. Which now I am assuming is some sort of reference, but I have no idea what from. It is a reference. it's lyrics from a song.
  2. Keep the DD2 styling, though. I really do like it a lot. Sorry gigazelle, I have to respectfully disagree. Not saying I don't like the look, it looks great, but the design is hindering the functionality. all the pretty-fied elements (gradients, textures, etc.) are just noise. noise that's hindering my ability to decipher what my minimap is telling me quickly. To me, the minimap is an important tool. it's first and foremost concern should be function. There's plenty of design in the rest of the game, what I need to know from the mini map is where my friends need help, which direction the ogre is etc. If the minimap were literally lines and colored circles I wouldn't complain, serves its purpose and could improve my ability to help my teammates and know whats happening at other locations on the map. I like both 3 and 4 in the poll. 3 with filters so I can remove as much excess as possible and maybe even granular details to only include the elements I care about (destroyed defenses but not ogres etc). other than that, the options between DD1 and DD2 would be nice.
  3. I like the idea that people would have to pick a class to specialize in, one that they would enjoy for a while too. Rather than everyone having all the classes at the highest levels there would be more players who fill a specialized role in a group with their character (yet still soloable). Being able to switch characters from your "tower character" to your "damage character" eliminates the need to have a well rounded character that you are an expert on.
  4. I had an idea based on this snippet from pandabear314 in the general discussion thread heroes mechanics. "Repairing/Upgrading: The mechanic of being next to the tower and hovering over it to do the action made it kind of annoying and difficult to control. Especially if you moved your mouse just a little bit. This feature does work during build phase when it is instantaneous but during the battle phase it doesn't always work. It would be nice if it locked you in place while casting repair or upgrade so it wouldn't cancel when you move your mouse. This will also become more annoying when there are a lot of towers in one location or many auras and traps." I played DD1 on the console myself so I'm still getting used to the mechanics of a PC (and oh boy is it different. I liked the console better.) Anyway, I really liked the top down view when you were repairing or building towers (except when towers had huge range and you wanted to see what you could hit... I can live without that though) The mouse over for repairs was something I struggled with in the games too and sometimes I missed, sometimes it just didn't register, and sometimes targeting the right tower in a cluster just didn't work out. With the top down view it's easier to separate the towers from each other and target the one you really meant to hit. Also, I think it would be helpful to implement auto targeting like they had in the console before and cycling through towers with the arrow buttons. That way you could ensure that you were targeting the right tower for repairs or upgrades. I know this may remove some of the freedom and mobility that has been added (and fairly awesome so far) but with the imprecise targeting the ratio of helpful to annoying hasn't exactly matched up yet (though it's close). With practice, you might even be able to target and repair towers faster once you know what to expect and be on your merry way while they finish themselves (also a nice addition). The tower upgrades and repairs has ultimately been a minor annoyance but these are my thoughts. Anyone else have better ideas? I know there are flaws in this system too but maybe someone else has that brilliant golden nugget.
  5. I think in a game where half of it is the tower defense genre each class should have at least one physical barrier. What it is isn't necessarily important but they should have one. Actually, I'm going to add to that (and instead of deleting my previous comment and making a succinct argument I'm just going to keep typing.) I think every character should have at least one tower that deals with almost any situation to varying degrees. So not just barricades but something to deal with the wyverns too. Each character though would be better at one than another for instance you would still prefer to have a monk for flying beasties but could pull it off with difficulties without it. And you could still build walls without a squire but the squire's walls are better. Maybe have a standard, cheap wall that's the same for every character and is standard across the game. Like a fifth wall but it's the same for everybody and make it cheap and flimsy. That way you can have barrier protection everywhere but you can save the squire's barricades for the really intense paths and the other classes can still suffice without him.
  6. I've been thinking about the same thing!! What I've noticed in the video's so far is that the characters kinda have roles which I kinda like. I mean, it looks like the monk will be able to heal (to a certain extent) and they say the squire will have taunt so he'll be able to tank (to some extent) so it's worth considering your role in a group map as well. On that note though, I'm glad to see they added the ranged squire move. I played squire in the first one and was essentially ineffective against the wyverns unless they had already attacked the crystal... lame. It looks like they are really balancing the characters well so that you can play in a group or do it solo yourself with any of them. PS. Maybe a new character?????????
  7. pretty self explanatory. During the twitch.tv playthrough last night they were supposed to release some sort of special anniversary surprise. Did anybody see it/know what it is? "AND keep watching till the end for a very special Dungeon Defenders II birthday surprise!" off their facebook.
  8. Yeah I was kinda looking forward to it too. I love DD and a pvp version of it on top of the co-op would have been great. I'm sure it's a good thing they really get to focus on the true sequel to the game here but I can't help but think the main reason it's gone is all the... people... who didn't really understand that there would be a MOBA and a co-op version no matter how many times they were told. Either way, new game looks great and the new ideas really add new dimensions to the game and that's all I could have asked for.
  9. Yeah but the scandal was a while ago. There really hasn't been much at all, not even communications with the community... only taking information via surveys. It isn't a give and take. It's just a take. Yeah they aren't handing out beta codes anymore but they haven't told anyone... or taken down their how to get a beta code thread... or mentioned on facebook that likes won't get you beta codes. They might even reduce they're "beta codez PLEEEEEEEZ." comments by like half if they did. of course there will always be those who are "special" and deserve one for the sole reason that they want one
  10. :(Yah I've been checking constantly (read: multiple times daily) for any updates. it appears as if they haven't touched the blog in two weeks. And I've been waiting apprehensively for the Facebook page to get its next 1000 likes for my first chance at the beta and nothing happened. I sent a PM but I'm not sure anyone is monitoring these things. :( I hope the game is okay though. I like what has come out so far.
  11. Active DD2 Beta Code Drops: None currently. aww :(
  12. Hey thanks for this post. I had been wondering if there were other beta give aways. This is really helpful and I hope I win one. I wanted to wait at first but I can't!! crossing my fingers...
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