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  1. Hello! most of you don't like me and i don't like hardly any of you. but before i log off this site for the last time i have a question! why does no one ever blame trendy for not giving us updates? it took them so long for the first one. black ops could have made several map packs in the time it took them to change a few game values. don't blame the mods, blame the developers who couldn't mod their game faster than their players. for anyone who replies, i will get on one more time in a week, if this post is still here, and check the answers. i will not reply because i think i have proven in th
  2. Must've had a snickers i see you're finally done. before i go, having hopefully shown an adult argueing with "kids" is pointless, let me ask this. why does no one ever blame trendy for not giving us updates? it took them so long for the first one. black ops could have made several map packs in the time it took them to change a few game values. dont blame to mods, blame the developers who couldnt mod their game faster than their players.
  3. Why are you bringing up success in life???? How is that even relevant? And throwing out personal insults by saying I have no future will get you nowhere. See how far disrespecting others gets you. you finally got something to turn the tides. because youre an adult, on a forum for a video game several years old that has nothing better to do than to argue with a "kid". its pathetic. it got me no where, but i feel better now that i said it. whenever you're done. im here all night. i have nothing better to do than to argue with you. thank you for being my entertainment. you know this is all a jo
  4. The word kid is used to describe a young person, nobody is acting "big". And I hate to break it to you, but opinions can be based on facts. its a cold hard fact. based on the fact they both spread quickly. finished now? if you want there are faster means of messaging. maybe even we can get other adults they will tell you the same thing. you're obviously not open minded, old person.
  5. You're joking I hope.... Anyways, I'm done, peace out, stay in school, don't do drugs and all that jazz just stop. any more and you're going to embarrass yourself. once again trying to sound big. i already have a future unlike you. i play two instruments, have straight a's, and am learning two other languages. no matter what i can't lose in the game of life.. i would rather be bullied again then be embarrassed. so please just stop
  6. I said kid because you are one....this is ridiculous, I've said MY OPINION, but you won't respect it. So peace out its not an opinion if its fact. i disrespected no one. im 16. definitely not a child. if you need to feel big its best done not on the internet. thank you for contradicting yourself in the other post. now i can rest easy knowing there is nothing you can say to prove me otherwise on the matter.
  7. thank you for sending me that message. you told me it was his opinion then called it fact. sense both spread fast, it then becomes fact not opinion. you contradicted yourself for me. done yet?
  8. Look, kid, nobody "loled cancer" as you put it. My oh geez comment was to the banter back and forth between you and Rey. Now, as to what you said about me not making sense. I have completed every map on insane plus(except cd) and I can tell you it makes no difference whether or not the mana glitch is used. The way I build I walk by every chest for my mana out of habit regardless of whether or not the glitch was used. As far as wave skipping goes, skipping to a boss doesn't mean you can't handle the last wave. It means your build needs to be strong enough to hold up during the animation. mana
  9. Oh geez lol Mods spreading like cancer is his opinion, please respect that.... i didnt know cancer was funny... my grandma wasnt laughing when she told me she could have it for the fourth time? so i assumed it wasnt. its not an opinion. if it was i would have respected it.
  10. I agree, the mana glitch and wave skipping is cheating, but it in no way takes away from the difficulty of the game whatsoever. All it does is save some time what you just said made no sense. skipping to a boss saves time, and shows you probably cant handle the last wave, cheating. mana glitch shows you cant do a simple task of collecting mana on the game. it takes so much from the difficulty. im not going to argue with the guy that "lol"ed cancer.
  11. i dont care for your signature. Cancer is something to be taken very, very seriously. my best friends dad was found with cancer in his neck. you dont understand what she went though. so before we continue this discussion, i ask you change it. and please dont associate something so serious with something so minuscule. cancer cant be joked about, modding can. associate: to do with. please make clear from now on. i hope you understand. i teared up posting this.
  12. Surely you're not that naive to know that mods have no place on the PSN.....so how can I respect your opinion when it is contrary to what online gaming is about? Let's put it this way.....to each his own. I can co-exist with modders, but I will not associate myself with this epidemic. im not naive at all. i know where they belong, on a console that has never seen the light of internet. not all mods are bad, what if there was a mod that made skyrim online? or minecraft mods for console like there are on pc? its against what we agreed to, but if skyrim was online i wouldnt have taken it bac
  13. Really? "You may not modify or attempt to modify the online client, disc, save file, server, client-server communication, or other parts of any game title, or content. You may not cause disruption to or modify or damage any account, system, hardware, software, or network connected to or provided by SEN for any reason, including for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage in a game. You may not attempt to hack or reverse engineer any code or equipment." The above is the Terms of Service and User Agreement for the PSN. Tell me how your plight is legit? yes really, i respect your opin
  14. you are all quick to say cheating takes the fun out of a game? i bet all of you have done the mana glitch. thats cheating is it not? necessary or not, its cheating. same with wave skipping, which im sure many (probably not all) of you have done or attempted. and you cant just say modding is bad, what do you think a update is? without mods some people would still be going crazy over their high score on flappy bird, lol. if anyone says otherwise, i respect your opinion, but you will not convert my way of thinking. atheists cant beleve in ghosts, legit players can install updates, or they would h
  15. i dont miss a thing. mods didnt ruin this game. it was trendy for not giving us the necessary updates. dont blame the modders, blame the developers. they didnt test the game as good as they should have for glitches. now, first thing people are going to say when they read this "he is a junior defenders, he doesnt know what he is talking about!". i have played this sense it came out! i know how hard it was to do summit in insane for some people. i got a few of my friends to buy this game, free advertising btw. now, alot of you dont like me from my trading post, where i pulled legit stuff, and se
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