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  1. OP clearly thought it was the opposite day :D but it's not. We all know he meant the opposite :>
  2. Always host, when people act like that, insult em' then kick em. Basically just tell them they ain't right.
  3. Daish obviously didn't play the game after the update. Daish obviously speaks on what he read about the /nerf/ but in practice, Daish has no freaking idea what's going on. Daish should go and play the game for at least 2 hours with Squire aka play a few campaigns,
  4. Love the new patch's features and changes. Played squire a few hours after the patch and it felt right. I love it :) KEep it up.
  5. I mean the Halloween is a blast and they seem to release stuff on such dates, so I bet for Christmas we'll have sweet snowy maps and snowmen attacking us. Gonna be awesome, oh and I'm just assuming, but there's no doubt we won't have a special Christmas event :P Thing is I hope they add snowy weather too! :skeleton:
  6. Not For PC, no thx. I can imagine ppl placing towers, setting their char to autto-attack towards an area with their ranged weapons and go AFK for hours. ASsuming they do easy and got a nice defence setup.
  7. I had a blast. Did it on EASY, with 4 people, from lvl 26 I got to 38 by the end. The last wave granted me like 5 levels lol. It took over 2 hours, forgot to check the ending time but it did.
  8. From what I've noticed : Ranked / open matches have different set of characters. Was it 6 boxes? I'm not sure, that's the limit I think. Basically if you fill the BOXES with characters when you're prompted to select a character it's pretty much it. I might be wrong :P but ranked / and the other type of game has diff character slots.
  9. That's funny because when the patch went live my client immediately crashes to the desktop and forced me to update :| I'm afraid that was just an unhappy encounter? I use steam since years and when a game needs an update, and let's say the game you're playing has that update released, it won't kick you out of the game or anything. Game will simply update as you quit the game/ restart steam and so on. Maybe you got one of those disconnects :P
  10. Imo it is great :D I mean the "random" variety makes it great you know? You don't expect an item to be common, they're all different due to their stats :) To my happiness I noticed my heavy's got 1/27 so I can do lots of upgrades :D The others got around 22 or so. My portal has a bad butt color :D
  11. God, how's this a beta in your eyes? You gotta be kidding or you got no ways to "offend" the developers. Seriously this game is nowhere near the beta, not to mention it'll still get content. The disconnects are because of the massive connections... when such a game releases on steam it is gonna be like that in the first days till it's all settled because of the massive population. That has nothing to do with the game being possible tagged as a beta game, that's just a main server issue.
  12. What I did was to make a new character to play with this friend who just started and was lvl 1, so I made a new character myself :P
  13. [quote]Diablo 2 sucked- so when Diablo 3 comes out I'm not going anywhere. I get you're trying to add to the game but unfortunately for players like you and.. well honestly every game that's out right now sucks.[/quote] I'm afraid not. Stay away from RPG"s and so on :) Stick to FPS's.
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