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  1. anyone available to help me finish off the turkey map on insane?
  2. I'll try to explain "casual" from another point of view. When I ran a local computer store a while back, we had game sessions every weekend (LAN's basically) and we had a bunch of coop games with multiplayer storylines (Borderlands, Vegas , Diablo 2 mods, GRAW etc etc). Casual play means you play through the game normally, and even though you might beat your head against an area a few time (basically stall on a map or encounter) what you get when you get past that in say rewards, is a logical progression of gear to help with the next parts of the game. Diablo did it, Borderlands did it.
  3. i think its funny the people that can destroy all the maps/challenges in the game are the people that are crazy geared and armed to the teeth. there is a huge crowd of people that cannot destroy said maps/challenges, myself being one of them. i just got my dps character to where im doing 80k dps with the animus total. thats not that awesome when you're trying to do insane stuff by yourself my tower characters are barely scratching 200 tower atk, and i can last about through wave 13-14 on insane surv before i get rolled. and i've yet to still see any of the so called super-loot in abundance or
  4. a way for the game to pass leadership of the room to someone else if the host gets dc'd would be great, that way your progress of w/e you were doing stays the same even if the host gets booted. ie you join bobs game, bob gets booted at wave 22 on insane surv, bob2 becomes the new host and it becomes known as bob2's game, etc etc that way people you were with can just jump into the new room, or you can just reinvite them when they sign back in. Thanks Jhad
  5. i like the idea of item respec, i've botched a good bit of items/pets because of a miss click
  6. also, there are probably a lot of players that dont want to buy stuff from other people
  7. could you guys make the icons smaller and fit more onto the screen the more chars you have, thus negating the having to switch pages to switch to w/e character you're after. if you have more than 4, the icons would shrink and the new ones would go under the original 4, so on and so on. Also, is there a possiblity of adding a key in so that instead of using A. to pick up the item, B. to equip the item, there could be a C. to send item to shop? Thanks Jhad
  8. hmm, ok thanks everyone, guess i'll try to see if i can find me a mining laser and start making a resist set. *boy thats going to be costly with the new upgrade pricing >_<*
  9. so i've yet to still beat hard/insane, i can do medium without any problem, on medium its like i have a little bit to much time, on hard its like i dont have enough time at all. is there some specific setup or something to help with the mass amounts of turkeys? or Trendy can you make it where say 100 turkeys gives you an extra 20s or something. if anyone has any tips i'd appreciate it. Thanks Jhad
  10. or they could just remove all the elemental resists from the game, and then you wouldnt need to switch weapons...
  11. also wouldn't it become useless at 3S? because you can't upgrade any further if you were using it as a "instant repair" option.
  12. some kind of item magnet, to pull items back to where they can be picked up if they're to far out of reach *ie a item that dropped behind a doorway* you can only use it in build phase or something, or make it to where if the item is "out of bounds" when it drops it drops in bounds so that you can get it. about to lose a really good piece of upgrade gear because it got stuck behind a door to far out of my lil mage arms! *shake fist mm tower shaaaake fist*
  13. Countess could get a Paladin skin, Ranger could get a demon skin? not sure on that one, fallen angel could be angel with just diff coloring. monk chick could be a geisha, and adept could be a succubus, or maybe a void demon so she has no graphic at all cept a big black mass, that would be better suited for her lol *j/k*
  14. You do realize the fix never went thru right? 7.11b "should" fix it. i did not, but thank you for letting me know.
  15. arrrrrrg, so pretty decent stuff dropped on 17, 36^, then after finishing wave 18, trendy said get off my server! and the wife and i got the disconnect :( time to start all over again uuuuugh. thanks for the info guys i'll try another map later on see how we do. Thanks J
  16. ahh ok, thanks newname i appreciate the reply.
  17. * All: characters now do a maximum of 8 damage * All: character weapons have been removed from the game, and fisticuffs have been added for all classes. * PvE: all enemies now do a maximum of 16 damage. and are immune to all elemental damage.
  18. so i finally got to where i can do insane survival alch labs... esp with the new patch. yet i'm currently on wave 17 and i havent even seen anything that would remotely be "super-loot" nothing over 25^ and all the stats are still low 8-10 range did something get changed that i didnt see or ? not really how this is supposed to work, is this working as intended and on with the waves? Thanks J
  19. why would you get both new DLC's if you get the character one, you get the warping core ones free... or atleast i did?
  20. such much rage over a 4$ character dlc... its not like they're bandits robbing a train *toot toooot*. take Batman AC for example, all of its DLC which is just a character to use on challenge maps + 2maps all of which are already coded into the game are 5-7$ its part of the industry folks, you just have to roll with it. its how they pay for repairs on servers, pay themselves, so on and so on. if the 4$ is really that worrying to you. i wish i had your worries.
  21. survival might be fun for those people that are already geared to the teeth. survival for a fresh 70, or someone with ok gear is not fun by any standard. i've lost numerous survivals way before wave 10 and under because the mobs have to much life to deal with if im on an "ok" character, or they just trash my towers if im on a "good" character. trendy needs to get away from the survival aspect period. not a lot of people want to sit there and do survival over and over and over. a good amount of people like to play with others, and do normal maps, or even some of the challenges *shake fist at in
  22. Your placement isn't the issue. The guides tend to not mention that you need like 200+ Tower damage and a damn good DPS weapon. They think that most of the time their gear is just "Average" while for us it would be godly. I have no 180 tower damage on my monk and so does my brother. Still don't think we can complete Insane on Glitter or Spook. yeah there's no way i can do glitter/spook on insane at all. hard spook was a great challenge and after finally finishing it i thought i was "ok" to try and do insane deep well... yeeeeeah nope lol not even close. 200+ tower damage? im not even su
  23. amen! however it could go wrong and they could all try to magnet to something thats falling off the map :(
  24. Before the superloot updates, I was able to do all the maps on insane. So superloot armour and weapons are definately not a requirement to beat the game as it currently is. Even without superloot items our party was still able to get to wave 19 without a problem (while superloot starts appearing at around 11'ish?). So even without superloot you should be easily able to obtain it, if your tower placement is good. could be right, my tower placement could be utterly horrid, but ive played TD games in the past, and i dont think im "that bad" of a player yeah im not hardcore or anything, but it c
  25. What he means (i guess) is that the developers are giving a good hand to the people who can enjoy insane and others can't (yet) as they can't obtain good gear which is suitable enough to do insane to gain even better gear. exactly! thank you pyro
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