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  1. anyone available to help me finish off the turkey map on insane?
  2. I'll try to explain "casual" from another point of view. When I ran a local computer store a while back, we had game sessions every weekend (LAN's basically) and we had a bunch of coop games with multiplayer storylines (Borderlands, Vegas , Diablo 2 mods, GRAW etc etc). Casual play means you play through the game normally, and even though you might beat your head against an area a few time (basically stall on a map or encounter) what you get when you get past that in say rewards, is a logical progression of gear to help with the next parts of the game. Diablo did it, Borderlands did it. Casual does not mean we don't play often or we don't play well, casual meant that we didn't have to form a farming party to do an area over and over and over in order to make "perfect" the level of gear that dropped there in order to manage the next area. I can play DD all the way on Hard, then play all the way through on Insane, but nothing drops in the lower level of Insane maps that helps deal with 800K health ogres on say Ramparts, nothing even drops IN Ramparts to deal with that. My group can mow through the trash mobs like butter, but we cant easily focus down a single target like that after all the buffs it received. Yes, we can do it, but on Hard it takes 2 seconds, on Insane it takes so long and they move so much faster, they are almost beating on the crystal when they drop, and when it's over, nothing drops on Ramparts anyway that's helpful on later maps with even more insane health ogres. I have a middle range weapon drop from Wave 24 on Insane Surv Alch Lab, maxed out at 3.5K, with Hero Dam over 250, and PS over 150, and It's still a chore to solo Ramparts Insane. So I think it should be easier? No, that's not my point. My point is that Hard Ramparts is now a joke. My pet can Solo it without me shooting anything, as long a I trap as normal. My point is there is no linear game progression since changes were made, in order to slow down the "hardcore crowd", which really, did not do so anyway. It's like this game has only Easy and Insane now, and Insane needs gear that you never see drop on Easy. The game needs more "normal" maps that we can play to gradually gear up. A map does not have to have random superloot every 20 runs so we have to farm it to get gear for the next, it just has to drop consistent gear for THAT level, not 1/1 trash or stuff with negative stats, negative bullet speeds, or guns that have 1 damage, cause my calculator tell me that with even 60 upgrades maxed out, it wont match the output of a Blasticus. TL;DR Casuals want more stuff that can be done in logical sessions. We don't care if we have to do all the maps again IN ORDER WITH NO SKIPPING on more difficulty levels to finally obtain Superloot as long as Easy, Medium, Hard, Hard+2, Hard+4, Insane, Insane+2, Insane+4, Insane+8 have a logically designed, linear difficulty with appropiate rewards. If a map is easy, we will do it really fast. If it's hard, we will have to do it over and over a few times. Rinse and Repeat. I'm just waiting for more maps. well said. also if you put the mp logic from any rpg type game, you do recieve some reward at the end of each "level" so that you are betters suited for said next level. which is the problem with the game, its still being geared towards those that can run through insane surv, insane surv mix mode, so on and so on without a problem, yet those of us that cannot, myself included suffer from it.
  3. i think its funny the people that can destroy all the maps/challenges in the game are the people that are crazy geared and armed to the teeth. there is a huge crowd of people that cannot destroy said maps/challenges, myself being one of them. i just got my dps character to where im doing 80k dps with the animus total. thats not that awesome when you're trying to do insane stuff by yourself my tower characters are barely scratching 200 tower atk, and i can last about through wave 13-14 on insane surv before i get rolled. and i've yet to still see any of the so called super-loot in abundance or even moderately. i may see 1 piece if that in those waves. Trendy has said numerous times they didnt want survival to be the basis of the game, yet they keep making it that way. they're also catering to those full geared to the teeth and making it even more hard for those of us that are not. i dunno but things need to change for the less geared, and things need to change for those geared to the teeth. we'll see one day i guess. Thanks Jhad
  4. a way for the game to pass leadership of the room to someone else if the host gets dc'd would be great, that way your progress of w/e you were doing stays the same even if the host gets booted. ie you join bobs game, bob gets booted at wave 22 on insane surv, bob2 becomes the new host and it becomes known as bob2's game, etc etc that way people you were with can just jump into the new room, or you can just reinvite them when they sign back in. Thanks Jhad
  5. i like the idea of item respec, i've botched a good bit of items/pets because of a miss click
  6. also, there are probably a lot of players that dont want to buy stuff from other people
  7. could you guys make the icons smaller and fit more onto the screen the more chars you have, thus negating the having to switch pages to switch to w/e character you're after. if you have more than 4, the icons would shrink and the new ones would go under the original 4, so on and so on. Also, is there a possiblity of adding a key in so that instead of using A. to pick up the item, B. to equip the item, there could be a C. to send item to shop? Thanks Jhad
  8. hmm, ok thanks everyone, guess i'll try to see if i can find me a mining laser and start making a resist set. *boy thats going to be costly with the new upgrade pricing >_<*
  9. so i've yet to still beat hard/insane, i can do medium without any problem, on medium its like i have a little bit to much time, on hard its like i dont have enough time at all. is there some specific setup or something to help with the mass amounts of turkeys? or Trendy can you make it where say 100 turkeys gives you an extra 20s or something. if anyone has any tips i'd appreciate it. Thanks Jhad
  10. or they could just remove all the elemental resists from the game, and then you wouldnt need to switch weapons...
  11. also wouldn't it become useless at 3S? because you can't upgrade any further if you were using it as a "instant repair" option.
  12. some kind of item magnet, to pull items back to where they can be picked up if they're to far out of reach *ie a item that dropped behind a doorway* you can only use it in build phase or something, or make it to where if the item is "out of bounds" when it drops it drops in bounds so that you can get it. about to lose a really good piece of upgrade gear because it got stuck behind a door to far out of my lil mage arms! *shake fist mm tower shaaaake fist*
  13. Countess could get a Paladin skin, Ranger could get a demon skin? not sure on that one, fallen angel could be angel with just diff coloring. monk chick could be a geisha, and adept could be a succubus, or maybe a void demon so she has no graphic at all cept a big black mass, that would be better suited for her lol *j/k*
  14. You do realize the fix never went thru right? 7.11b "should" fix it. i did not, but thank you for letting me know.
  15. arrrrrrg, so pretty decent stuff dropped on 17, 36^, then after finishing wave 18, trendy said get off my server! and the wife and i got the disconnect :( time to start all over again uuuuugh. thanks for the info guys i'll try another map later on see how we do. Thanks J
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