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  1. Well, there has been some Big changes to the game. A beta tester would have a little more info, but NDA prevent people mentioning what was said behind closed doors. I was also another Beta Key owner, but I'll try to keep with information that has been publicly revealed. Before Trendy went silent, The Videos that were last seen where from the MOBA, a Mode that isn't supported anymore. Given that they're keeping the Hero Models from the MOBA are being kept, or used as a basis. The footage of the MOBA used mainly DD1 Mobs. You'll need to Look on sites other than Trendy's own to find it, such a
  2. A good game sells on its own merits a bad game needs "hype" hype 1 (hp) Slang n. 1. Excessive publicity and the ensuing commotion: the hype surrounding the murder trial. 2. Exaggerated or extravagant claims made especially in advertising or promotional material: "It is pure hype, a gigantic PR job" (Saturday Review). 3. An advertising or promotional ploy: "Some restaurant owners in town are cooking up a $75,000 hype to promote New York as 'Restaurant City, U.S.A.'" (New York). 4. Something deliberately misleading; a deception: "[He] says that there isn't any energy crisis at all, that
  3. Well do you want everything to be exposed and kill all the hype? No, but i would like to see some progress in the game, like maybe filling out that hero roster a little...
  4. Dungeon Defenders 2 is absolutely still happening! Keep checking back :) Well i sure hope so! but i have yet to see anything sence i have origionally posted this thread!
  5. allright, so for the past multiple weeks, i have been checking the forums and ect most days, and there has been NOTHING new, and i am wondering, is the game even going to happen? theres been no beta contests, no facebook stuff since the surveys, and i want to know. If there is going to be tons of hype one minute, and none the next, WITHOUT any releases ect... we should at least know... Right?
  6. from what it appears, the only way to get a beta code is from winning a facebook/twitch/twitter raffle OR you can wait for who knows how long between waves of codes sent to emails. IDK but Good Luck
  7. So, I have a few questions, and I was directed to ask them here 1. What's the average wait for a beta key? 2. What else can I do to speed up the rate at which I get my key? 3. Is there going to be a specific time that I have to use my key once I get it? Thanks, Jordan
  8. Ok, so i have some questions about the beta keys that i just could not find anywhere. 1. I signed up for the beta key drops about a week ago, and i was wondering what the average wait is? 2. Is there a time that i need to register by? I am going on vacation tomarrow, so yeah. 3. Can i have a key :3 jklol 4. What is the best way to speed up my chances, i went to the official beta key forum page, and i followed the people it told me to, and liked Trendy Ent on FB. Thanks, Jordan
  9. All right, from what I have heard, the Jester isnt going to be in DD2. This makes me sad. I have yet to get a beta key, so i cant know for sure, but I NEED the jester to be in the game :) PWEEEZ???
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