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  1. 140 cv offer was in currencies so mana is not included.
  2. How much traced mana master and blingbling bracers are worth to you? 140 cube value
  3. I would like to withdraw my 12 cube value offer on u6 if possible. I though that my leather gloves were worse but i recalled incorrectly:/
  4. Thanks:) I do not want coal because my last diamond was the worst i have ever seen( under 500 tdmg,60^ :D). Co updated, ty for bids:)
  5. Currencies accepted: cubes, diamonds (4/8/15) and traced events Auction runs according to intrest. C/O: 8 cubes - Moonwalk Happy Bidding!
  6. Ah good to know I am not alone, the selling of lab loot is what is driving me away to a break, it is just to much, sell all, bigger mana bank, upgrade whatever needs upgrading and life is beautifull once more. This.. Selling lab loot is slowly killing me, i cant take it much longer... We need unlock all button asap!
  7. What is your reserve for mail chest? Does single cap meet the reserve?
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