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  1. Yeah, I haven't gotten far enough in Chaos to get Hexes yet, but I still encounter a lot of the problems OP mentioned with them. The worst offender, in my opinion, is them staying within spawn protection and picking off towers. I get why spawn protection exists, but I think if we can't damage them while they're in it, they shouldn't be able to damage us. Mages can be particularly annoying with this since they generally stand far back while summoning anyways, so you can have a couple stick in spawn summoning an endless parade of skeletons. Also, javelins seemingly throwing through towers an
  2. This is another thing I'm not enjoying. It's much harder to learn a map with this system. Breaking into Chaos II, I had a very difficult time figuring out how to deal with the Cyborks. If I failed a map, I couldn't go back and attempt to fix what was wrong with the build I did. I'd end up on a different map, and you can't necessarily build the same way on every map due to DU differences, additional lanes, secondary objectives, air lanes, etc. And this didn't just impact my ability to figure out a particular map, but how to figure out Chaos II in general since the system makes it so there
  3. Honestly, I don't think the really can balance maps. Larger maps are almost always going to be more difficult than smaller ones, particularly if you don't have a full team. At the same time, I'm not sure they really should balance them. In my opinion, if they're stuck on the random map thing, it should work where a Chaos Trial is 5 random maps (non-repeating) that get progressively harder but also have a chance at better rewards as you go along. If you complete all 5 maps, you get additional rewards. That gives an incentive to stick with the randomness and try to complete a series of ma
  4. Yeah... I really don't understand the point of, not only limiting the maps in each tier, but also not letting us pick which maps we can play on once we get beyond the campaign. The only think it's resulted in for me is, like Kruntski said, quitting when I get a map I don't like and trying again. That's extremely annoying, a waste of time, and potentially costing Trendy money if Kruntski is correct. I also think it makes advancing through Chaos a little more complicated as, from my experience, there are maps in each tier that are much more difficult than others. Right now, I'm on Chaos II
  5. Why is there a cap anyway? They likely don't want people hording them so they can get every new hero the instant it comes out. Not sure how much of a problem that is now, but back when we had triple medal bonus weekends, it wouldn't have been difficult to make a nice stockpile for yourself.
  6. Figured out what caused it for me. I had a bag set up to collect legendaries but I didn't have any item types checked. And since the bag I have that collects overflow was full, the item just didn't get picked up. (Also, oddly, Apprentice keeps getting unchecked in all of my bags for some reason.) In other words, user error. Though, it might be good to have an error that lets a person know if their bag isn't set up to collect anything.
  7. Why do you think that makes sense? What's the reasoning behind it? Trials could still accomplish pushing through to end game, gearing up, acquiring shards, and teaching you about the threats without limiting the map pool. Before you can even get into trials you have to finish the Campaign, right? And every map is available in the campaign. So by the time you do trials, you've already experienced every map, but then for arbitrary reasons you're restricted to a small set of maps. I ask because you don't sound like you're just "ok" with having a limited map pool, it seems like you agree with havi
  8. I'm pretty sure I had the same thing happen to me. I had a legendary weapon drop on a Chaos 1 map (Molten Citadel, though I'm not sure what it dropped from), and I couldn't find it after I got back to the tavern. It wasn't a big loss as it wasn't an upgrade (which is why I didn't pick it up), but it confused me that it wasn't in my bags. Since I hadn't played in a couple weeks, I had to check to make sure something wasn't changed so loot not picked up was auto-sold.
  9. I've seen some other multiplayer games that have added systems similar to Ascension, similarly touting it as "infinite leveling". The thing is, when you increment what you get from each level to such small amounts to stretch it out to "infinity", it's hard to notice any sense of progression whatsoever. Improving my damage by "10" is likely to be so marginal that it's not really going to seem any different. Sure, someone with 1000 Ascension levels is going to definitely be more powerful compared to someone with 10 side-by-side, but with as little as you get each level, how much are you reall
  10. On an Incursion now. It seems like maybe the graphics are broken for them. They do the spin-up, but I never see the beam coming out and hitting a target. I can't really tell if things are really being slowed or not.
  11. Yeah... I hit 50 for the first time a couple days ago. I started playing around in Nightmare 1, and expected there to be a jump in difficulty similar to DD1. Instead, it's actually beginning to feel like things are getting easier for me. My ilvl juimped up about 50 after only around 4 matches and have already started to do incursions with little difficulty. I completed Chrome Enemies and Wyvern Enthusiasts on my first attempt, which doesn't seem like it should happen on NM. I should also point out I likely have far from an ideal build. I haven't really looked at any build guides and am ju
  12. Ideally, this is what I'd like with new heroes as well. Adding a Lavamancer to your deck should make playing feel very different than what you had before. It shouldn't be about switching out one wall for another or one tower for another, but being able to build a completely new strategy when you have a new character in the mix. This may be a digression, but I'd also like to see new enemies that appear alongside new heroes to challenge you in different ways. For example, the Lavamancer should've added an enemy that can protect others from meteors or perhaps one that becomes stronger if tur
  13. Wasn't really sure where to post this. The sale for this week is the Galaxy Monk costume. In the store, it is shown as 50% off, yet the discount is only 33%. It's marked down from 1200 to 800. Not sure if it's the discount that's wrong or the banner.  
  14. I voted no, but what I really wanted to vote was "doesn't matter to me." I get that people like it, it's just not something I generally care about. It wouldn't turn me off or anything, I just wouldn't consider it a big selling point. I sort of feel the same way, with the caveat that if it has to be one or the other, I'd rather characters have gender options instead of similar, separate characters of the opposite gender like we saw in DD1. The squire/countess, etc. options just added unnecessary balancing issues to the game. I also think we should stay away with the whole males = higher hp
  15. To be honest, I wouldn't mind having the old tower radial menu back. I realize it was put in largely for consoles, but it was really nice being able to build with one hand. I felt it worked a lot better in those high-pressure situations.
  16. This, bit hard to see everything on that minimap only. And, I figure once they have the correct icons for the towers, it's only going to get more difficult.
  17. Really hope they change it back to the original way they had him: click to fire all of the projectiles instead of having a lame charge. His ranged attack is even more underpowered than it was previously. It reminds me of the Apprentice from DD1. You could hold down mouse 1 to attack or you could charge up mouse 2, but you couldn't use one while using the other. The problem was the secondary attack was rarely more useful than the primary. Why would I give up the number of attacks I could do while charging up the other? However, the Apprentice's attack was at least a little situationally u
  18. I'd personally love to see the holiday-themed taverns make a comeback. I don't see any reason they shouldn't. Back when the holiday content released, I was still playing the vanilla game back on 360. So sadly, even despite owning all the game's DLC, I've never seen the special taverns. I didn't make a full transition to Steam until shortly after the holiday stuff was over (late Spring.) I've sort of wondered if they even could use the old holiday maps anymore. Since then, they've added a ton more trophies, and a lot of them are in places where decorations were. For example, the bar along
  19. The Tavern Shop is just as random as anything else in the game. 99% of what you find is going to be utterly useless and basically garbage, but every great once in a while you'll find a really nice gem. I currently have an Ultimate Weapon sitting in my shop.
  20. I'm mostly salty about how copter ogres have a little over double the HP of regular ogres. If they didn't have THAT much more HP, I'm sure I'd have an easier time going to wave 25+ on NMHCMM I've never really understood why they have that much hp over normal ogres in the first place. They are already a challenge based on the fact that they can be dropped behind your defenses and that they come paired with a copter that does pretty significant damage by itself (some of the most damage any enemy does from my experience). Considering the copters can be shot down to take away 70% of the ogr
  21. I have heard on quite a few threads is that the Jester is the last DLC and now things are moving forward for a Dungeon Defenders sequel. Is this true? Or are the trolls getting to me? Thanks At this point, the most they have said is that after the Jester DLC, a lot of the team would be moving onto something else. They have also stated that they will continue to support Dungeon Defenders. What sort of support that means is sort of up for debate at this time. Hopefully we'll know more soon.
  22. Exactly, if they had any intention of fixing it, they would have done so by now. This has been brought up in multiple topics on several different occasions probably ever since the Shards Content first came into existence. Trouble is, I don't know whether it's a question that they physically cannot do it (due to the code), or if they just don't want because clearly making people grind for hundreds of hours on end just so they MIGHT get some gear that doesn't suck is exactly the sort of gameplay people love. In the Livestream this week, Marc Singer said that the drop system was never really ma
  23. Honestly? No. But I am having a lot of fun. :) Which pretty much seems to be the point of her. My friend and I were just having fun trying to do maps last night using only our Jesters. Let me tell you, that adds a whole new challenge to the game that is, at times, quite devious.
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