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  1. I still need to run if anybody who has already gone wants to join me so im not all alone :(
  2. I still have yet to run so if anybody would be willing to let me join them that would be more than appreciated
  3. The event is tomorrow, when the map getting released?
  4. what info do you need? all of it lmao
  5. Whoops, didnt see the second page, forget about my last post
  6. If i outbid the last person does it not have to be considered a valid bid?
  7. Ill bid 35 cv for the armor and the ult++ pet together
  8. End date? And also are you selling every item here together or seperately?
  9. frog supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  10. If the helmet is un-upgraded in ranked ill start with 4cv
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