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  2. Thr question I have is does anyone get ult++
  3. jjoner

    Item Check Thread

    these are some armors my friend has and im posting for him. let us know please and thank you. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/KfTFABn.png[/IMG Looks fine to me but im not a pro checker.
  4. knowledge that some of the players clearly don't have. I also have that problem when ever I host on the console version. I know how you feel when players that ask for help building but don't do any upgrades or afk during the game. That kind of things only happens if the player is a kid. I would suggest stating that you have to be at a certain age in order to join. You can clearly tell if a kid is playing or not by watching how he plays during the wave. You are enrage be the childish act of which this game have appealed to some of the younger gamers but there are older age group that plays and
  5. Well I was scammed a diamond.
  6. I would farm mystymire nmhc survival because its easy with a good build and lots of trans.
  7. Yes it is possible insane is very easy. I would reccomend magus quarters insane hc survival.
  8. The amount of hackers in this game is ubsurd. If you actually cared to get mods to go around banning hackers we wouldnt have to rely on the usless report a player. We should expect to get a game that doesnt have slackers working on it. I would be happy if you would just drop the MOBA fir dd2 and release co-op so we can play a game we can only hope to be hack free. This is stupid we are told "Secured by trendynet" when we paid 50$ for a game and find most people are hackers. Its stupid how you dont care about the community and just rely on a few people to check the items for us and dont do ANYT
  9. I just dump godlies and leave. Good way of cleaning your inv.
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