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  1. Special Enemy Daily Challenge.... I cant beat it!! If anyone knows how please tell me
  2. I don't know how to beat it. I have had it for 2 weeks I cant reroll it.. HELP
  3. 1. How do you make a private tavern with you and your friends on this new game? Every time you invite it bring you to the ps4 home screen and doesn't work. 2. How do you farm pets and what maps and waves do you have to complete? 3. Will the ps4 live up to the pc version. The ps4 is a very powerful console and can handle a lot. Looking forward to a lot this game has to offer. 4. Why does the voice chat not work in social taverns? 5. Once again How do you make a private tavern for just you and your friends because I can't figure it out! -Thank you for support and looking forward to a lot of th
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!!!!! SID:2muchmagic4u
  5. Hello long time I have a couple event items like Dragon of the North and Blue hat, Miners mask, RNG mask. What are these worth?
  6. 2muchmagic4u- http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065588933 Shadows7398- http://steamcommunity.com/id/Shadows7398/ Theoran- http://steamcommunity.com/id/theoran/
  7. IC Please. Thanks. Possible
  8. Well hope everyone else with be helpful like Shadows. Please don't be like comment #3 he doesn't get it until he changes his comment to something nice Mod Delete this reply when he changes his to something nice and helpful
  9. Closed//// Thank you guys who put nice comments. It Passed sometime over the night My little sister is hatching quails and the only one that has came out on time is hurt bad it is twitching like mad has no wings or fur. I feel really bad it is still alive can we get some hope going it should have passed by now but its still alive! I think it's like this is because during the lockdown its suppose to stay at 99.5 degrees and the power went out for 4 hours and it was at 60 degrees. Can we get some hope going? This is what it's suppose to look like Can't get a picture of what it looks l
  10. Banned because you ban because you banned gamerjunkeeee
  11. I am from the PC side of DD and I noticed our side of the forums died down and DD is on sale right now so if any of you get it let me know I will help anyone out leveling and helping get geared. Thank you, Magic
  12. Remember the Titans Yes I forgot about that one Awesome Movie
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