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  1. Is it worth trying to run it on insane for the weapons?? if so, how do you beat this?
  2. post any offers, tyvm.
  3. as soon as i read this, the very first thought in my mind was "FUUUUUUCK!" could we get a "one time only!" character progression transfer? seriously don't want to have to re-level the same classes 3 times... why would you have to re level them? they wont have anything special about them aside from looks and those won't change if you hit 70 with them...
  4. i maxed tower hp and tower dmg. What should i max now?
  5. A drop, somewhere in DD... :huntress: I can't reveal my sources, =) durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cool bro
  6. its pretty sweet whatever it is.
  7. Another person is selling Basticus for 1 mil each, ERAchanZ on steam, hes farming them at http://www.twitch.tv/beardedgaming what gun is he using???
  8. im lvl 70 right now and im still using the incubator. Im trying to get a new one, whats teh easiest way?
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