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  1. Awesome event! WillTodd was our host and he was super chill! We won with a breeze, but no doubt was it challenging! I def look forward to the next ones
  2. So ready for this. Sounds like a challenge. Finally a good use for tower Apprentices! Totally stoked! Cant wait to see the prize. Im sure if its like the rest itll be worth it for sure.
  3. Direct Message TrendyEnt3, go on the doc to say ready i missed my invite, or message on the forum to Niugett. those are my best ideas yo! lol good luck tho
  4. I Am Speechless. This is the kind of disrespect that will get events shut down. Agreed! Gamer is right. It told everyone in bold "First come, First Serve" it is very fair. Not everyone won the last event for the pet, but no one complained. It happens. Its hard trying to run 80+ people from one Console. Also, to do it in a few hours. So i give mad respect for them trying to get as much done as possible, Well cred to Angela. She's having a hard time right now and still is getting everything taken care of. Show respect and just appreciate that events are still being ran! Not everyone gets in to
  5. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqrYYIZgVEtVdGNqelVFMl9hR3FqcmtLRG1UU2xRdGc[[479,hashtags]]=2
  6. First 80 people to sign up got in. If you didnt make 80 and under on the second thread you wont be able to join
  7. Apparently it was only the first 80 people to sign up. I myself was on page 15 of the second sign up. and Page 7 of the first page before the PSN issues, still didnt get in. Unfortunately
  8. The signup thread is already up (Please read the new rules on how to signup for the event) and you do not need to be in the google chat to get an invite, we will invite you when we have room. Event Signup: http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?103497-PS3-QuickSand-Events-Sign-Up-8-24-8-27 That would be me :D Thanks, yeah i found it right after i posted that Oh yeah thats whats up. Cant wait to see how these came out. DBZ all day! My hype level right now is OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All i can say is i bet these weapons have crazy power!
  9. Oh and whoever thought of DBZ style on this. BRAVO!!!(Loud Clap in background) lol
  10. When will the sign up thread be up? Or is it gonna be ran through that Google Doc chat?
  11. PSN: KiNgJaMeS11 anytime Time for another great event! LEGGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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