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  1. Are the End-game bosses gonna have new abilities, allies to aid them or changes on their abilities/wave in order to increase the "epicness" of their majesticity or are they gonna be plain bosses with higher lvl, or anything else?
  2. AFAIK you cant win many maps (or none at all) with a weak PDT per lane and 0 hero intervention, except for upgrades in build phase. The only way you can do that is with a strong PDT, and i still doubt about it.
  3. Gear is important, but i disagree about the brain stuff.
  4. Ive been thinking these days about how many players prefer to use glitches instead of playing properly, i believe that ive never played DD2 without players trying to exploit glitches. Im dont blame them, but i guess that DD2 without exploits would be the experience that devs are trying to give us. Do you think that devs should keep updating the game as fast as they do? or should they delay some time to make sure nobody exploits their work? I believe that 1 month or more of delay would be cool if we get updates without exploits. Now, about the new difficulty incoming, i want to say that i don
  5. @Random Asian About point 1, i said: cool legendaries 24/7 Point 2: With the % of that i meant that you have chances (high chances in my experience) to get a perfect or almost perfect 750 WAPA. Reconnecting over and over is not the same as losing matches, building, etc. Farming 80 souls of night is very easy if you have the time and dedication to go for it. Point 4: Im not talking about easy to play (so anybody could play it without a problem), im talking about defenses with zillions of dps to kill goblins with -1hp, in such case you could just build 1 lighting aura close to the core and go
  6. Since i decided to join the forum, ive read many players asking, in one way or another, why are they not looting cool legendaries 24/7, and im not talking about bugged legendaries stats, im talking about free itemization. Anybody who has read me on some threads, knows my opinion about free high lvl legendaries and rerolling stats...im definetly not in the mood. And still, DD2T gave us free 750 weapons for all champions with perfect passives and stats %, but these players are still not happy. They blame or rant on everything that DD2T is developing by a/one(*1) main single reason: No free a
  7. Yo, id like to recommend character specific keybindings, so we may play each DPS and each specific defense builders easier. Sometimes the abilities order is not that good when you play different DPS.
  8. Sharken was easy to if your gear wasn't bad. It was no sharken that got pass my auras in nightmare hardcore mode. I must say I put him asleep with the other fishes in the sea. Anyway relax dude let others express their opinions. DD2 still easy nothing really change. Sharken were effected by towers, thats the HUGE difference between Sharken and Siege Tank. Sharken also were so much faster, had a charge ability and didn't 1 shot towers. Welcome to Dungeon Defenders number 2.
  9. Yes, i know, but i like to ask for feedback before reporting.
  10. Although some people believe that this new miniboss and it's mechanics are broken, this is a move that shows how trendy answer to our feedback, i believe that they made a great move and should not step back on negative feedback about this, the future is bright my fellow players.
  11. There are like 8 or 10 heroes, theyre supossed to be different from each other, if one doesnt work for a purpose, try another one. P.S. Not hatin.
  12. Yo, i was so happy today because the crit bug on squire flamethrower and other abilities got fixed (even the mystic sand vipers :_D), so i tried to farm gold with it but i noticed that i couldnt make it proc at all. 0 gold sacks achieved by the sphere in a full run, 8k gold on a map where i usually make 65k to 100k gold per run. After realising that flamethrower is not working i started using white auto-attacks, but these were not working either, the sphere is just not working, and the sphere pannel is messed up again, we couldnt see the uber sphere description before the patch, now, scrolli
  13. Fear no more sir! we have a solution for such circunstance! "Dis lil bad boy will deal with dose dem cheaters". Pimp my Siege Tank, Yeah!
  14. Dats deep brah, you've touched me in places where nobody else did before.
  15. Fozzie got some points. Im up for the build timers and the fast enemies. We can find some folks sweating on the buried bastille incursion because of map time and lives, nerf pdt or add the demolisher and they will have a hard time.
  16. Malaka

    Skin colors.

    You opened my chakras Cantriped.
  17. Suggestions : Font colours and cool families.Removing the login welcome pop-up after 1 second or so.Keep the notifications pannel unfolded after opening one notification in a new tab (via mouse middle click button).Change or add more circular border models that surround our profile pictures.Add a new forum section where we can add guides and useful ingame stuff only (if it wasn't removed from forums already).Maybe not an art forum section (i guess it would be too much), but a place where fans could upload their visual or grammar art.Add a report option only for extreme cases such as racism, Hu
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