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  1. Soo, finally finished. You guys can download the map now on steam workshop. Download link is in first post.
  2. Hello fellow defenders. I think i could upload the map within the next days. Works good so far. A few stucked enemys here and there but i try to solve it as best as i can (We all knew how those creatures like to get stuck somewhere ;)). Almost made it so far but the super wyverns got my crystal in the 18th wave unfortunately.
  3. The Problem with Lab Assault is, that you cant just nerf it anymore. I agree that the armor rewards are kinda easy to get compared to other methods like farming them in survival. Its just, that Trendy should have nerf lab assault as soon as it got public that you can simply let the evs jump off the map. This was a huge game breaker and they havent done anything. Patching it now, idk around 1 year or so later would end in 2 major problems. A) People cant get thier gear that easily anymore and will probably dont have any realistic chance to gear up anymore and B) new ppl will left behind while e
  4. Hm, i think its not as good as one year ago since most ppl lost their hopes on moonbase back in the day and left already. But we still have two active groups on steam (Not the old ItemCheck group) with usually 15-20 peeps online at average. Dunno about trading, havent trade anything during the last year i think.
  5. Yes, i can totally agree with Nexus on this point. Practice helps a lot in the UDK. Just keep the ball rolling. ;)
  6. Ah dont worry. At first, the UDK might looks quite difficult to work with, but i can say you its easier than you might think of after you got some practice in it.
  7. Hm, i think the lower level quests are still boring. But later quests in the storyline and of course all the different job quests are really well done. With Heavensward being directly in front of the door you should try it out. The endgame also offers plenty stuff to do and for now, i really enjoy it. It was basicly my next main game after dungeon defenders since its also all about looting stuff. ;) I think i did read something about 2 weeks free trial a while back so go ahead and try it out. ;)
  8. Well you ninja┬┤d again. ;)
  9. As you saw on my list, I too can write down reasons. There's no proof or evidence. If the FRBR moderators can provide proof of their claim then fine by me as long as they can also prove it was intentionally hacked and not a mistake when purchasing from a player shop. There's also a big difference between kicking somebody from your game and publicly releasing SID's without proof. You sneaky ninja just quoted my erased post. ;) Yes, i think a proof of it would be nice, thats true. But sheesh,it kinda feels some people taking this to serious and using it for a huge witch hunt. I mean i think
  10. Hm i have a quite different point of view on this. Nexus i dont know if you even know about the group, because it looks for me that you just want to join the conversation and jump on the bandwagon. Not sure if you know about it, but this group is a huge improvement for this game. They help on different maps whenever they can, they offer lotteries, events, guides, streams, keeping the game clean and whatnot to keep the community running and of course offering a chatroom for people to talk with each other. Jumping in here and throwing around stuff like Either you run "free" runs as claimed, or
  11. I have a small sneak peak for you. Nothing special, only me running around on the map. Its kinda bright at some times due to the sand/dust wich is all over the map. Most likely reducing it later.
  12. Wasnt there to watch the stream unfortunately, but i did watched it later on youtube and i had to giggle at some parts. Did already subcribe to your youtube channel and looking forward to see more streams.^^
  13. Just discovered this.^^ Huntress orders her proxys at Kaboom Inc. :)
  14. Have just uploaded the final version to the steam workshop. Feel free to download it and good luck on beating it. :) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=419574915
  15. So, since i wasnt able to complete it solo, i did a test run with our fellows mkjo, nova and katherine. We made it up to wave 19, but we died after burning down the second boss to 50%. Was very close, but unfortunately no success.^^ http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/35241878924672257/8C2D8C4D5FA71750A190FFA766F64FDE38148209/
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