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  1. Thank you the replies. Forgot about twitch!
  2. Curious. Was there a Dev Stream Yesterday? I can't find it anywhere.
  3. So since the patch sometimes when I switch gear, the gear I swapped out disappears. I've lost some good gear because of this.
  4. I posted the other day that sometimes when I switch gear, the gear I am swapping out just disappears. Is this happening to anyone else? Is it a bug? Or am I just unlucky. [Update] So I logged out and logged back in and my gear is there. Just in a random folder.
  5. They're an accessory, but each is different. Medallions gives you Defense Power and Totems give you Defense Health. And you also have Rings which give you Ability Power!
  6. Just left a session (was in private) and took me to create a hero screen. I could see the normal stuff like my health bar and DU. Couldn't exit had close game manually.
  7. The thing is I never sold it.Unless you can sell items when you haven't even selected Sell. Though a buy back option would be great!
  8. Have a set armor I use on my squire when I want to farm gold. Had a leg 15% Jackpot chest piece which I accidentally swapped with another chest piece and now it's gone: ( Went through my whole inventory and it's like it never exist.
  9. Also the same on lower difficulties! also in Private.
  10. Thanks for the reply I've been watching some videos on youtube and found out it's been happening for a while. I use skygaurd tower but not near the broken spawn. Will try it out. Also saw EV's Proton Charge can clear most of them. Just got AL so I have been using Archers!
  11. Not sure if these have been mentioned but one of the spawn points for flying enemies in Dragonfall Bazaar, the enemies don't come out. From what I've seen it's all game types and difficulties. And the other is normally when I finish a match and go into another, the timer doesn't pop up so I have to end session, and go back in.
  12. I had 3 Daily missions. 2 were fusing items and the other was win 5 maps. Did a round on Free Play Hard Dragonfall Sewers to win my first Map. But when I got back to the tavern it said I had to wait for tomorrow for next daily mission. I never completed the other 3. Please help. There was going to be just enough Wyvern tokens I could earn to get me to 60. Now I have to wait.
  13. Anyone else not able to buy pet food? I've used up all my food so I went to buy some then it come up with transaction error: missing or invalid shop data. Is it just me.
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