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  1. The archer nerf is massive, they barely tickle enemies now, I could full afk most nm4 maps before, now even on lowly ilvl 650 dropping maps I have to run around like a mad man repairing walls and kiting ogres, only to get no reward because i'm geared to > 750, but they are the only maps I can do with archers anymore and yes I am using both sides of the archer (plus photons, SA and walls of course). Zero chance I can solo 700+ dropping maps now with that abyss lord. so, what, i'm forced into the new 'flavour of the month' because the devs want to force diversity on us instead of balancing the game as promised. Anytime I invest any time into a character you either reroll gear, nerf hammer a stat or just straight up wipe, I really don't know why I bother because any progress I make is just undone, has been the same for two years, wipe, change, wipe, change, nothing is sacred, no progress is safe. Im pretty sure we were told we wouldnt be having our characters screwed with again, but it seems that was a lie too. People will scream, but its 'alpha' ... right, its been alpha since I paid for the game two years ago, now its just a poor excuse and the reason so many people have left is because they are sick of being screwed over every time they try to develop any of their characters.
  2. Every time I even consider coming back to this game in some way I see that they are wiping/changing all of the gear that people have farmed, and never do, there's just no point if they keep repeatedly wiping your progress. After having my stuff wiped twice in the first year after they released on steam (I discount the official release because I knew it was going to happen) I just lost the will. I mean no disrespect but I paid for this game over two years ago and its still not in a fit state, I feel really bad for people that put in maybe hundreds of hours to have that effort thrown away in a patch and random roll of the dice. Again.
  3. Could you elaborate please, I have looked in the option menu and cannot find this setting to enable logging. edit: no matter I found a guide to suppress playverse in the .ini
  4. I came back to the game today after many many months to see if it would have progressed to a point of playability, but I cant stay in game for more than 10 minutes or so without being kicked to login screen and getting this message: "Your playverse login has expired or is in use! please restart the game to log in again." At which point I can log back in just fine, but it just happens again after time. Also of note there is some considerable graphical lag in game and juddering, I have a solid rig and am not on particularly high settings. Fix? update? Checked other games, absolutely fine, not my connection.
  5. Semantics at play, but I think any person knows what I mean even If I haven't gotten the wording quite right. Key difference: designers would have been the ones who suggested/accepted the splody mod and all of the other ballista mods. So the point is whether the same person/group who decided to implement this are the ones doing the balancing; if it is, they obviously were willing to accept the task to balance it (otherwise they wouldn't have implemented said mods), so all's well. If it's a different group handling the balancing, well.... As this clearly means so much to you (although it boggles me as to why you even made the post in the first place) I will amend the error.
  6. Semantics at play, but I think any person knows what I mean even If I haven't gotten the wording quite right.
  7. Great read, I personally like the new patch way forward, tweaking the damage values and keeping upgrading the same, Not everything needs to be equal, but they need to be brought closer together than they currently are with a little more scaling. Tower value cannot just be measures by dps after all (im certain you know this, but its a great proxy for comparison), and it gets even more complex when you factor in the build multipliers such as the new splodey etc.
  8. LSA is good, but I was in a group all morning doing nm4 incursions with huntress traps, squire walls and monk AA, no lsa at all, cleared to end of wave 5 every time (yes 4 players, as usual 3 squires 1 dps hunt, but thats a different problem) Dont get me wrong, the builder had amazing gear but those hunt traps were doing bonkers damage.
  9. No boss drops loot if you are dead when it dies, tested on NM1 and NM2, happens without fail for me.
  10. just came on this evening to play but cant seem to get into the tavern, just a perma-loading screen, three attempts no dice. Yes to windows 10, I am from the UK.
  11. No, the forge is fine, DPS is a valid play style (not sure where you made this assumption or why), I think it is important that it stays in the game and that having options just as in DD1 is vital to what the game is, what I have said and will say again is that DPS should not be needed to play solo as it is becoming so now in late/end game in its current iteration (subject to potential change with balance). As for your dd1 content listed? I am not sure at what point things may have changed to where you suggest that content progression was blocked by unsoloable maps (I did not play right up until the end), frankly my memory of it is hazy as it was just a long time ago now, but when I played DD1, I solo'd everything that I played whilst being very much aware that some of the games content was not soloable, however this did not stop me from getting everything that I wanted, top geared and leveled characters because there was no road block, as there is now. I knew that if I wanted to play certain maps that had been designed to require a dps build that I could do that, I chose not to but I did not mind it existed because there were options to allow me to play the game to ultimate end game content the way I wanted to, this is not currently possible (subject to possible change with balance) although I am certain content will be added along with more play modes. The OP asked how?(to better make people aware that switching was an option) and why?(people were perhaps not aware of it, I simply gave my opinion as to one possible reason for the latter.
  12. You quote very specific unique content, so no, the answer was I did not play those maps and had no desire too, much like I never played the 'no towers' play mode. Different content was introduced to accommodate different play styles, this should again be the case, not the way it currently is. Personal opinion. Saying that we 'half assed' the game is a bit .. well, I will leave it at that, Its like saying.. you played tomb raider but you didn't play the optional online multiplayer which was a completely different play style and concept, so you 'half assed it', different content is made and designed to broaden a games appeal to a larger audience, you don't have to play it all and many people do not.
  13. I think one of the main reasons these people as well as I'm sure may others never considered this concept is because throughout DD1 and much of DD2 (early days) this has never been necessary, only optional, you could just tower defense and use your builders to heal your towers, and that was fine, so neither Trendy nor the larger player base ever considered it a key bullet point to shout about, you could play how you wanted to play. These days it is becoming almost essential to have a dps if you want to solo end game (I don't agree with this but there we go), as such people are having to communicate it more, or people are hitting that brick wall and going out to look for solutions and finding this as their answer. Depending on the way the balancing goes with endgame, it may well be that Trendy needs to integrate this concept into the learning progress of the game far more clearly if they continue to push the game in the direction that they are otherwise many players old and new are going to really struggle.
  14. Of course, each to their own and people know the risks with the pre alpha label. My one and only issue is ... its been 'pre-alpha' and pay to play for the better part of a couple of years, at what point is it safe to start grinding and feeling that their invested time is safe? Not arguing with anyone, all points of view are valid and people play games in different ways for different reasons.
  15. Whilst I am not disagreeing, if they full wipe again they will lose a chunk of players (particularly the endgame players who have put in a great deal of time, some like myself several times over during the past couple of years and wipes), they will need to be very careful and selective about it because there's only so many times people are willing to start over from scratch because they choose to revise their systems, regardless of how much those changes are for the better.
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