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  1. Hi can I have these item checked please? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey guys, was just wondering if this set is legit? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey guys, is this item legit? Would appreciate some help. Thanks
  4. Hi I just wanted to make sure, because I just got this off of somebody for a cheap price, and it seems pretty good. Is this legit? Thanks in advance.
  5. Can somebody confirm if these are legit or not? http://imgur.com/a/lj7vb Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey guys, was just wondering if this was real, and if it is, can somebody tell me an average price? Thanks.
  7. You can most likely expect the complete edition to be on sale during the summer sale. :) But there is no guarantee that it will be on sale, I believe it will be though, it's probably going to go on sale at least once during summer.
  8. Thanks a lot guys. :) I was actually pretty worried yesterday, and by 200+ I meant nothing was under 200, there were a few stats over 300, and maybe 1 or two over 400. Either way, I think it'll be a good idea not to accept any items from randoms. Thanks a lot guys and have a nice day :)
  9. Hey there guys, I joined a shop where a guy said he was quitting and ended up giving me a set of armor, and about 20b mana, I was pretty happy and decided to add it to my shop. the starts were all like 200+. After I start my shop, a guy comes and says, that's hacked, reporting you now...Then he just left. I went and got a bud of mine and he said that the armor doesn't look THAT hacked but it doesn't look THAT legit either...So I came onto this forum and a guide said to just sell it to the bank and I did. Will I be getting in trouble...? And if I may get in trouble, is there anything I can
  10. Hi guys, just wondering how much this ultimate++ is. My first one :) I thought this was for prices :P Anyways can somebody tell me how much it is? Got it as a drop, if not its okay.
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