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    White top hat, ult+ blaster rifle, ult++ classic and ult+ bot look legit to me
  2. Very true. Think i should change the cost to mana?
  3. Hi everyone! Listen im new to this kind of thing, and am not sure what fair prices would be, so dont rage at me, just give me suggestions. At the moment i am offering 2 runs: Akatiti jungle: 5 bil mana per run through Tavern defense: 3 bil mana per run through The steam usernames of the 2 people doing this is bar_bar(me) and deathscythe(my partner) Thanks everyone, and leave suggestions below! Me and deathscythe both have a right to refuse to do your runs, or stop the runs midway if you are not acting nicely and are insulting us. BTW everyone, we will soon have crystalline demens
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