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  1. That is my old classic ya. I traded it a while even before I gave stuff away though. I don't exactly know the current state of the game as far as stealing goes since I quit ways before that, I don't know if it was stolen or whatever at this point lol goodluck
  2. Winners: Set #1- MrMacgoo (Entry 120) Set #2- Starman (Entry 23) Set #3- Lyrmatos (Entry 154) Set #4- Satchain8 (Entry 78) Set #5- PyrodroidS (entry 37) Set #6- Lazercow (entry 278) Set #7- Rizzo (Entry 96) Set #8 - Suprfirebird (entry 122) Again, you must add me within the week to claim the set you won. Today is easter so I can't promise I'll be around much.
  3. Ill throw myself in on this :P can u put me in three times? I don't wanna post 3 times :( Then you don't deserve the same chance as the people putting in the effort. I'm not going to do extra just cause you're lazy.
  4. UP, might end early if entries continue to die down
  5. Doesn't change the fact that you know he hacks, so there is no reason to trust him. If he were your friend, he wouldn't be ripping you off and giving you hacked items and putting you in this position. Think about it.
  6. This Wins. please you think YG can control this and yes ddace, ironically i got 3/4 pieces of that pristine set a long time ago from YG when I cared for lab :P
  7. Winners: Set #1- MrMacgoo (Entry 120) Set #2- Starman (Entry 23) Set #3- Lyrmatos (Entry 154) Set #4- Satchain8 (Entry 78) Set #5- PyrodroidS (entry 37) Set #6- Lazercow (entry 278) Set #7- Rizzo (Entry 96) Set #8 - Suprfirebird (entry 122) Rules: 1. You may post a total of 3 times (with a minimal of 2 posts between each) 2. I will draw the numbers in 2 weeks time (4/20) 3. Each number I draw will correspond to an item/set 4. You will have a week to add me. I will not add you. If you don't add me within the week, it will be redrawn to someone else. 5. Defend those dungeons
  8. All rainmakers have the same stats/asthetics just fyi
  9. Do I really have to? Okay, I'll make a list... 1.y 2.g 3.k 4.y 5.f 6.t 7. 8. 9. 10. I'll edit it later
  10. That dude must be Willy Wonka in real life. But in seriousness, he was full of crap. :) There's no way to manipulate the quality of kobolds you'll get. The RNG is a funny thing though because some maps require you to do insane mode instead of nightmare mode to get the best items (i.e. insane mode survival will net you better kobolds and insane tinker's lab will net you better blasters generally), however it has nothing to do with what your character is wearing or what level they are, or any of that phooey. Hope that helps. :) Edit: however, you can manipulate what TYPE of reward you will
  11. Grats to the winners though I didn't enter, I did read them cause early DD memories are always a fun thing to recollect. It's hard to give back to the community as you all have done when you don't please everyone but hey, it's impossible to please everyone. Thanks for all the events as it took plenty of your time away, but were very enjoyable. :)
  12. Tell him to link you to his signup, as it is the seller's responsibility to provide that info. Or of course, you could look it up yourself aswell. :)
  13. Hi, I don't think I am able to run event today, but I'm available Monday- tuesday, anytime after 11 am EST (I was told that's when the make-ups are held) Thanks in advance :D
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