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  1. We already have a small handful of members, yay! Please feel free to join, we have some people leveling as well as grinding current endgame. Also, hooray new patch!
  2. Thanks! :D Yeah, I'm really not sure as to whether we'll even get many sign-ups, but at least it will be a good way to find some active players
  3. Juicy Olives; Kosher, edible, ripe! H B I U S
  4. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/DD2PartyTime Hey there, evaliant here. I have recently created a Steam Group for our beloved Dungeon Defenders II. The purpose of this group is for us to have a group of potential players to invite from for pre-made parties and, assuming it the group finds success, easily friend or otherwise regroup with in future gaming sessions. I have only recently started playing, but from what I have experienced using the 'Group Finder' option in-game can sometimes be a frustrating experience. The Steam Group will help facilitate some of the issues as well as help us find
  5. Add me on Steam, I'm down to play =D Steam Account: Austerlitz
  6. Hey all, its evaliant here. I've recently got sucked into DD2, and I've been having a grand ol' time! However, I'd love to have some steady players to group up with :D, I currently have a 13 Squire, 15 Apprentice, and 13 Huntress Steam Acct: Austerlitz Feel free to add me!
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