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  1. but why do I have 506 posts, when this is the only one thread I opened? :/
  2. ah alright, thank you man. I think I wait for the summer sale and buy it on steam, the summer sale is rumored to start in 2 days (26th may) :D
  3. oh my god I clicked on "quote", I thought it's "edit" ahahaha
  4. well pretty much when the game started waaaay back then, idk how long that was but me and my friend tested the MOBA mode of this game out, it was damn clunky so we left the game before the tower defense mode had been released. I still got a key number saved in the text document along with the old URL (http://dungeondefenders2.com/blog/) my associated email account (this one basically) and yeah, I don't know why my launcher doesn't seem to update now. Am I really forced to buy the game instead of being able to use this old account of mine?
  5. hey guys, I have a question, it seems like the playverse launcher is stuck at "Updating Launcher... Please Wait." do I have to buy the game in order to be able play it? I already have an existing account and an old client but there is no way to download the client except through buying the game on Steam :/ I received a key from the developers through an email a while back in order to join the alpha I really would appreciate the help
  6. bump I really need help .. I'm afraid some people will hack my steam account if I post the name here :S also I upgraded that item a lot so it costed me more than just 10 mil mana :|.
  7. Hello Trendynet team, yesterday my friend wanted to see my mythical item which I have bought from a shop for 10 mil, so I dropped it on the ground and he looked at it, when I picked it up with "F" it just disappeared ... he hosted the game. it was not in in the item box either ... I hope you can restore it :( 10 mil are not much for many people out there.. but for me it is :(. I can give you my steam name via e-mail if you respond =). sincerely yours, Black Mage
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