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  1. My buddy and I have been farming glitterhelm + for quite a bit now and have come up with nothing! Where's the best place to get armor from? I do ramparts on insane +
  2. The rewards thread is closed?? Xbox 360 Rewards System-Beta.
  3. Hello, I'm a returning player, but unfortunately all my save data was corrupted. :( Only have low level characters so far and I've had trouble finding anyone to level up with since I can't stand playing with mods. However, I know the ropes and I think I'm a pretty decent player. GT: Arcade Owl Sounds good! I like your avatar very cool. I will add you on XBL!
  4. I will be on this afternoon around 2 pm ET if anyone wants to play message me on Xbox CyMaddux31
  5. Hi there, can anyone tell me what the system requirements are for DD2 on PC? thanks
  6. I think any events that can attract people to the game and the forums is a positive thing. A good variety of solo and co-op events seems to be a good formula. Thanks to Desktop and Reaper for hosting the events. In my case, Reaper did a great job answering any questions and making the game very friendly. I will continue steering people (360 players) to the forums.
  7. Darktower...or anybody for that matter. Looking to do some runs on insane+. Don't care which map, (sky city is iffy) but would suffer through on insane as its the only map I have yet to beat on insane. or challenges or whatever! Just looking for legitimate people to run some games with. Usually on every night after 5ish, even if not playing DD throw me an invite sent you a PM
  8. played mistymire on survival to 20 with FullMetalJesus for a pet.. That was a long one!
  9. Saturday Event hosted by TitoDaddy http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?102290-360-Surfing-101-Sign-Up-7-27-7-28
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